How to fix HP video problem

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Today I show how to fix a known video problem on some HP laptops using bubble wrap.

Most likely the fix is not permanent but this will buy you some time, enough to backup personal files or even use the laptop until you get a new one. There is no guaranty this fix work 100%.

Here are some HP models affected by this known video failure problem: HP Pavilion dv2000, dv6000, dv9000, tx1000 tablet PC, Compaq 700, v3000, v6000 and probably some others.

If you know more models, please mention them in comments after this post.


As I know, the video problem somehow related to NVIDIA graphics chip located on the motherboard. Overtime the graphics chip separates from the motherboard and the video fails.


The computer turns on and all LEDs light up but there is no video on the screen or external monitor. The internal screen remains completely black and blank.

I found this trick mentioned by Walliot in this post. This trick called “towel fix” and used to fix “no video” issue in xbox360.


1. Remove the battery and hard drive.
2. Plug the AC adapter and turn on the laptop. Make sure it’s is actually on, all LEDs should work.
3. Wrap it up with towels so all air intakes are closed.
4. Keeps the laptop wrapped in the towel for about one hours.
5. Unplug the AC adapter from the wall the let it cool down (do not move it for a while).
6. Unwrap the laptop and try tuning it on.

I didn’t really believe that this trick might work and tried it just because of curiosity but… IT WORKED!!!!

#1. HP tx1000 Tablet PC repair.

First, I tried this fix on a failed HP tx1000 Tablet PC.
I didn’t have paper towels at work but I had plenty of bubble wrap.
I closed it in a tablet mode (with hard drive and battery removed), plugged the AC adapter and wrapped the laptop properly in bubble wrap.

After that I just waited for about two hours and unplugged AC adapter from the wall. Waited for about 30 minutes and tried turning it on.
Success!!! It starts with with video.

I just couldn’t stop and tried the fix on another one.

#2. HP Pavilion dv6000.
This is a different model with very similar failure symptoms. It failed exactly the same way as the first one.

This time I did something extra. To make sure there is no cool air coming into the case through the bubble wrap, I closed all air vents with sticky tape.

After that I turned it on from AC adapter (again with hard drive and battery removed) and wrapped the base.

It was running like that for about 60-70 minutes but then I noticed that all LED lights went off.

Not sure what happened. Maybe the motherboard overheated too much and shut down on its own. Anyway, I didn’t touch it for about 30 minutes and let it cool down.

My fix was successful again! The laptop turned on with video and booted to the desktop.


Here’s my understanding of how this fix works.
When you run a laptop wrapped in towels (bubble wrap in my case), it gets very hot because there is no air circulation inside the heatsink.

The heatsink gets so hot that it melt solder between the chip and motherboard and the video chip gets resoldered to the motherboard.

Now I have to test for how long this fix last. :)


Also read backing the motherboard in an oven and how to reflow failed NVIDIA graphics chip with a heat gun.

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  1. Santanu Sengupta


    I ma trying to do the exercise on my HP tx 1200, which has the same identical symptoms. It is not opening now although it is getting th power on. I went to HP Tthey sais they cant repair and i have have to pay 450$ for new mother board. I said thank you & went to another laptop repair shop.They said it is the Nvidia chip problem and they would replace it. And would cost me $150.What should I do? Cant it be soldered and fixed, while i buy in good time a new one.Please suggest.


  2. I can’t believe it!

    I just resurrected a Compaq that has been DEAD for 4 years.
    In the process of trying to steal the touch pad out of it to fix another computer, I came across this fix.
    With nothing to loose, I tried it and IT WORKED!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for the great idea for presario fix. Previously I had taken in my ailing computer to repair shop. They offerred free diagnostics. They couldnt figure out problem. I have found several solutions on the web and all involve removing motherboard and heating NVIDIA chip. In most cases this works. However, it doesrequire a lot of time and skill without screwing up some connector or component. I needed to get a few hours of reunning time to allow me to transfer to new computer. Basically one has not much to loose, just a cheap, crappy, poorly designed dead computer. Best regards

  4. Actually its really not a bad idea. in this way. the motherboard will detect over heating to harm the motherboard.(stable heat)
    wont harm the chip set it self.

    but by using a heat blower,spot light heat, or any kind of heating.
    you wont know how long you need to heat it. you just heat it for just 2-3min. then u can see the board have funny puffed-up.

  5. I just tried this on my HP DV2000 and it worked! I couldn’t believe it but I am so happy! This thing has been dead for years and I am glad I kept it now! I knew it would be fixed one day! Thank you many times!

  6. HI Everyone,
    My laptop was died just before a thanks giving and i was very disappointed. It was started but the screen goes Grey (Black and White) look. The sound system was working so I am able to hear the startup sound. The funny thing was i have auto login to gtalk and skype so the moment I logged in people start sending a message and I am able to hear the sound…
    The main problem was, I have not taken the backup of my data yet … and was try to find how to take the backup.
    Here is a trick:
    1. Microsoft Windows has a “NARRATOR” (Speech), so if you hit the windows key + R, it opens the run window.
    2. Type “NARRATOR” and hit enter.
    3. The narrator will start. And it start taking about the open window, the command you type or the button you press.
    4. So after Narrator stared, I attached my external hard disk and run the command prompt by: windows key + R and then type CMD and then enter
    5. It speak everything about the open window, drive name and folder name in the drive.
    6. For example I type dir on c:, it gives a list files/folder name, .. etc.
    7. So I used xcopy command to copy everything from the drive. Goto the destination path and type below command.
    XCOPY /A /E /C/H enter
    Now I was ready to use this method, and I did it… and it works …. Now I install new windows 7 and it works fine. I have to wait and watch how long it work… !!!
    I will post you the updates…


  7. thanks man , it worked for me, my laptop is toshiba L300D-21M.

  8. @ Beau,

    “Fixing” your laptop this way is a very bad idea. Yes it does reheat the solder on the GPU, but it also overheats EVERY other component on the motherboard. This will not be a permanent fix and will cause more damage than good.

    It depends on what your goal is. If all you need is to make it working for a while in order to backup personal data quickly, it could be a very good idea.

    The best way to conduct this fix is to completely disassemble the laptop and just heat the GPU to reconnect the solder points.

    Nope, the best way is replacing the motherboard with a new one but it’s very expensive.
    I explained how to reheat just the GPU in the following post.
    But it requires complete laptop disassembly and most people cannot do that.
    Also, I believe it’s not a permanent fix either. It might work for a while (and maybe a long time) but also it might fail soon.

  9. “Fixing” your laptop this way is a very bad idea. Yes it does reheat the solder on the GPU, but it also overheats EVERY other component on the motherboard. This will not be a permanent fix and will cause more damage than good. The best way to conduct this fix is to completely disassemble the laptop and just heat the GPU to reconnect the solder points.

  10. I got repair my notebook following your instructions, thaks for all!!!

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