This laptop has a power problem. The battery stops charging when I move the AC adapter connector inside the jack. When the connector or power cord moved, the battery charge LED light on the front goes on and off.

Let’s troubleshoot this problem and figure out if this is DC jack related failure or the AC adapter is defective.

Wiggle adapter power cord

First of all, I tested the laptop with the battery removed. It turns on and runs properly from the AC adapter but as soon as I start moving the connector inside the jack the laptop shuts off and it loses power immediately.

If you have a problem like that, most likely it’s related to the AC power adapter or the DC jack.

Test power plug

First of all, I tested the adapter with a voltmeter. The power didn’t cut off no matter how badly I wiggled the cord. I was reading 15.45VDC all the time. It helped me to make a conlcusion that there is nothing wrong with the adapter connector or cord and most likely there is a problem with with the power socket inside the laptop.

The next step was the DC jack inside the laptop.

DC-IN harness

In order to access the jack I had to disassemble the laptop and remove the top cover assembly with the display.

You can find disassembly instructions for most laptops in their service manuals.

Power ON

In my case the DC jack was attached to a cable and I easily disconnected it from the motherboard. I tested it with the voltmeter as it shown on the following picture.

When the adapter cord didn’t move, I was reading 15.45VDC.

But as soon as I started wiggle it, the voltage dropped to 0VDC.

Power OFF

The DC jack harness is defective and had to be replaced and the new one fixed the problem.

Replace DC-IN power harness

In some models the DC jack is soldered to the motherboard.
If the battery stops charging when you move the adapter plug, test the AC adapter first. If it pass test, replace the jack.

Laptop notebook power jack

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  1. 91
    Paul Orok Ephraim Says:

    I am using Acer aspire 5920 Intel core 2 duo.pls I will love to know may be is it good to change the ram to a higher one and the hardisk.pls it important

  2. 90
    cj2600 Says:

    @ om namo shiba,
    What is your HP laptop model number? Maybe I can find it for you.

  3. 89
    om namo shiba Says:

    I want see the scamatic ways of hp laptop battery chairging ways from mother bord .Thank you.

  4. 88
    Usman Says:

    Very nice guide … have same problem with my HP DV3, will give it a try. Thanks a lot.

  5. 87
    Muhammad Says:

    hey , i have dell lap top some times my display just go off/ some times turn into white but still sound works. first of all i thought my lcd or vga got out of order but my friend said leave it for 3 days … it is due to some thing like HUMMING on your mother board which affects display. My problem solved.

    78 deeIF : you know how to use MULTIMETER then i sure your 99% problems solved. de-assamble your laptop check you power circuits by multimeter. (i m taking technical classes of laptop trouble shooting today is my 3rd class but i believe multimeter can solve 99% problems and you must know abt scrap laptop for replacement of ICs.)

  6. 86
    brian thames Says:

    hi my hp laptop comes on but when it does the screen is completely white that you can see anything. you can here it but can’t see or click on anything. so i was wondering could you please help me

  7. 85
    joe Says:

    nice guides.thank you.

  8. 84
    Kelly Says:

    Had the same problem with my Toshiba Tecra m2. Bought a new dc jack and the connector doesn’t match my original. The wiring seems backward as well. When I look at the end of the connector, the pin holes are closer to the top of the connector and on the replacement they are closer to the bottom. It seems I can’t just flip it since the red wires should match port-wise to the original configuration.

  9. 83
    Dean Says:

    I had a “low internal battery” warning on my hp dv4-2049wm

    the extenal battery stopped charging when I got the message. So the compter has needed to run plugged in for the past few weeks. Today I turned it on and while I was working it just shut off (hard boot style no shutdown). I’ve worked on computers all my life and have never seen anything like it. I think the newer hp’s are more dependant on cmos info than computers of the past in relation to power handling and have found other users threads also supporting this theory. I’ll be replacing my battery and letting you know if it works. I have a good feeling it will.. especially since they’re not the standard 2032s anymore, though they look like a 2032 in a cheap platic proprietary casing

  10. 82
    Thabang Says:

    I have fijutsu laptop it just went dead, i have tested the charger an its fine,when i plug the sametimes it show’s the battery light sametimes not ,when you switch it on it does’nt light at all,what is the cause of this and how to fix it.

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