Today I show how to fix a known video problem on some HP laptops using bubble wrap.

Most likely the fix is not permanent but this will buy you some time, enough to backup personal files or even use the laptop until you get a new one. There is no guaranty this fix work 100%.

Here are some HP models affected by this known video failure problem: HP Pavilion dv2000, dv6000, dv9000, tx1000 tablet PC, Compaq 700, v3000, v6000 and probably some others.

If you know more models, please mention them in comments after this post.


As I know, the video problem somehow related to NVIDIA graphics chip located on the motherboard. Overtime the graphics chip separates from the motherboard and the video fails.


The computer turns on and all LEDs light up but there is no video on the screen or external monitor. The internal screen remains completely black and blank.

I found this trick mentioned by Walliot in this post. This trick called “towel fix” and used to fix “no video” issue in xbox360.


1. Remove the battery and hard drive.
2. Plug the AC adapter and turn on the laptop. Make sure it’s is actually on, all LEDs should work.
3. Wrap it up with towels so all air intakes are closed.
4. Keeps the laptop wrapped in the towel for about one hours.
5. Unplug the AC adapter from the wall the let it cool down (do not move it for a while).
6. Unwrap the laptop and try tuning it on.

I didn’t really believe that this trick might work and tried it just because of curiosity but… IT WORKED!!!!

#1. HP tx1000 Tablet PC repair.

First, I tried this fix on a failed HP tx1000 Tablet PC.
I didn’t have paper towels at work but I had plenty of bubble wrap.
I closed it in a tablet mode (with hard drive and battery removed), plugged the AC adapter and wrapped the laptop properly in bubble wrap.

After that I just waited for about two hours and unplugged AC adapter from the wall. Waited for about 30 minutes and tried turning it on.
Success!!! It starts with with video.

I just couldn’t stop and tried the fix on another one.

#2. HP Pavilion dv6000.
This is a different model with very similar failure symptoms. It failed exactly the same way as the first one.

This time I did something extra. To make sure there is no cool air coming into the case through the bubble wrap, I closed all air vents with sticky tape.

After that I turned it on from AC adapter (again with hard drive and battery removed) and wrapped the base.

It was running like that for about 60-70 minutes but then I noticed that all LED lights went off.

Not sure what happened. Maybe the motherboard overheated too much and shut down on its own. Anyway, I didn’t touch it for about 30 minutes and let it cool down.

My fix was successful again! The laptop turned on with video and booted to the desktop.


Here’s my understanding of how this fix works.
When you run a laptop wrapped in towels (bubble wrap in my case), it gets very hot because there is no air circulation inside the heatsink.

The heatsink gets so hot that it melt solder between the chip and motherboard and the video chip gets resoldered to the motherboard.

Now I have to test for how long this fix last. :)


Also read backing the motherboard in an oven and how to reflow failed NVIDIA graphics chip with a heat gun.

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  1. 151
    Alix Says:

    Simply amazing!
    Worked on HP G7…Thanks!

  2. 150
    Pichi Says:

    First of all, apologize for my bad english. I´m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I´ll try this method in a Toshiba P305D and … now it´s working along one week without problems. Thanks a lot for this trick !

  3. 149
    cj2600 Says:

    @ ryan,

    is there a way to make this fix permanent

    The heat gun method is more reliable but it’s necessary to disassemble the laptop.

    I don’t think the laptop is worth taking to the repair shop. Most likely they will quote you a new motherboard and make it not worth fixing.

  4. 148
    ryan Says:

    i posted a comment earlier of how i did work for more but less than 24hrs later it failed is there a way to make this fix permanent i have yet to find a repair shop that will fix it. plz help

  5. 147
    cj2600 Says:

    @ ryan,

    i tried this because i really didnt have much to use i taped all the air intake valves for my compaq presario v6000 then wrapped it in walmart bags then wrapped it in a large towel and let it sit for 2hr then let cool for 30min. and it worked my wifi is even working now. im so happy its been broke for 2 months

    I’m glad it helped. Just don’t count on this to be a permanent repair. Do not keep important files on the laptop because it might (and most likely) will fail again eventually.

  6. 146
    ryan Says:

    thank you so much i tried this because i really didnt have much to use i taped all the air intake valves for my compaq presario v6000 then wrapped it in walmart bags then wrapped it in a large towel and let it sit for 2hr then let cool for 30min. and it worked my wifi is even working now. im so happy its been broke for 2 months

  7. 145
    Quentin Says:

    Awesome trick. Just revived my HP TX 2000 laptop with it (Problem was nothing on screen and Caps and Num lock keys blinking forever).
    I removed every easily accessible parts (RAM, Wireless card, battery, optical drive, keyboard) and wrapped the computer in plastic bags and towels.
    It overheat in 1h, shutting itself down. After 15 more minutes, I put it back together and it started as it used to for 3.5 years.
    Thanks for sharing this tip!

  8. 144
    Born Skeptic Says:

    To say that I was skeptical about this “fix” would be an enormous under statement. But, like most everyone else reading this proposed fix to the graphics issue, I decided I didn’t have anything to lose. Much to my surprise, after covering the fan and vents with tape, and wrapping the lower half of the machine in a towel, I allowed it to sit running for an hour. I then unplugged the power and let it sit for 45 minutes. Much to my amazement, after re-installing the hard drives and apply power, the thing booted up like it was fresh off the assembly line. AWESOME FIX!!

  9. 143
    Josh Says:

    Just did this with my wife’s HQ DV9500. Blank but backlit screen. couldn’t see anything. wrapped in saran wrap and towel after removing battery and hard drives. after about an hour it shut its self off. let cool for 30 mins. re installed drives and battery. screen cam back on first boot. we’ll see how long it lasts but at least i can work with it now

  10. 142
    Bro Dave Says:

    Got a Dell 9400 lost all video to it to a shop was told I needed a motherboard. Ordered one new but cheap then found this thread.

    Had already dissasembled and thought what the heck Ill give it a try. Thought about the grapeics card and thought might as well bake that dude too. Put it back on and put some srews in the screw holes to elevate it put it on pan preheated the ole oven to 385 degrees F and stuck her in for 8 minutes. Let her cool for about an hour (was busy with something else) put it back in and it works perfect. Still got a new mobo but it was cheap enough so I will hang on to it.

    But thanks guys for the thread I sure appreciate it cudos to all of you.

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