Toshiba Satellite A105 battery charging problem

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Today I got Toshiba Satellite A105-S2712 for repair with the battery charging problem. It is a new model and we do not have a lot of experience with these laptops. The customer complained that the laptop will not charge the battery when it is plugged into the AC outlet.

The laptop failure symptoms:

The laptop will not turn on when I try to start it from the battery. When the laptop is turned off and plugged into the AC outlet the battery charge LED doesn’t light up. I know that the battery is not charged and the LED should light up when I plug the laptop into the AC outlet. The laptop starts fine when it is plugged. When I move the mouse over the Toshiba Power Icon in the lower right corner, the balloon will pop up and there is a line in there: Battery Remaining: N/A.

The problem repair procedure:

You can easily fix the problem just by updating the BIOS. Toshiba says that the BIOS version should be at least v1.30. So, go to Toshiba website and click on Downloads. Select your laptop model and find any downloads for the BIOS. In the BIOS change history you will see the description of changes.

After I updated the BIOS, the battery charging problem disappeared.

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  1. Just so everyone with charging problems knows.My problem was that it couldn’t withstand charging and powering on at the same time. The orange charging led turns off when starting computer and forces computer to run off battery. Downloaded a power saving program called NHC. Changed all setting to use intel’s speed switching tech., and to run CPU at half speed, to conserve battery power. In 1/2 speed cpu mode, it rarely ever cuts battery charging when starting. Hope this helps someone.

  2. Stephanie

    PLZ help me! Okay i did what you said and i have now an icon on my computer and i click it and it has 4 different types to choose from so i choose the directions o something like that and it like reinstalled and it is not working and when i hover over my battery it says 0% charging (plugged in, charging)! please help me out! If you can then can you email me cause i probabaly will forget to check back here!

  3. andrea6315

    I have an A 105 S4004 that has been having some battery problems. Recently my battery has not even been lasting an hour, when it used to last almost 3 hours. This change happened out of no where. When I plug my computer in, I need to let it charge for hours in order for it to reach 100%. The weird this is that the battery icon always says 100% or 4%…… if i unplug the computer before it is 100% charged it will say 4% (even if its been charging for an hour). Once I am using it, it will stay at 100% and then jump down to 4% and eventually die. I’ve downloaded the bios but that is not the problem. I would replace the batter but I am not sure if it is the battery or a problem with the software that is causing the computer to die because the icon is wrong. I’ve only had the comp. for a little over a year. Of course when this problem began it was about a week after my warrenty ended!

  4. Hey When i plug in my laptop it charges some of the time while on but not all the time. On the other hand it always chages when its off….

  5. cj2600

    Miguel Morales,
    Even if you find out what the code means, probably it’s not going to help a lot. Most likely it will tell you that you have to replace the motherboard.
    Here’s what I would try. Minimize the laptop as much as you can, remove the battery, DVD drive, hard drive, wireless card, modem. Test the laptop again with the AC adapter first and then with the battery. Reseat the memory module, move it from one slot to another, try different combinations if you have two modules installed.
    Finally, reseat all cable and connections inside the laptop.
    If you still experience the same problem, apparently you have a bad motherboard.

  6. I have a Satellite A10-SP100
    It doesn’t turn on, when I try, the only working led is the first (AC) and is blinking in ambar color.
    It gives me a code of 8 blinks with the 2nd; 5th; 6th; and 7th longer than the rest
    Do you have any idea? At least where can I get the information of what the code means?

  7. I also forgot to mention that if I manage to get it to charge it never charges 100% more like 4% … the best i’ve gotten was 75% which was a TOTAL MIRACLE & DASH OF LUCK, if you ask me.

    thnx =)

  8. My boyfriend took my ac adapter to be measured by a voltmeter. UNFORTUNATLY he can’t remember what the measure was but he did say that at 1st the voltmeter didn’t read any charge on it but then all of a sudden there was a spark & the reading went up. Is it fair to say that my AC adapter isn’t working? Or is that sort of behavior normal?

    Additional Info:
    – When I plug my ac adapter it only charges 1/5 of the time.
    – On extreamly rare occasions, my lap top runs on the ac power alone.
    – Other times the lap top wont turn on or charge, and the lights just flicker blue. (I’m not sure what the flickering means).
    – Once in a while the lap top will be off & the lights indicate it’s charging but when I leave it alone for an hour & try to turn it on it doesn’t.
    – If by any chance I manage to turn it on at all its more than likely that it’ll shut off automatically on me.
    – I find that if I move the lap top around a little or apply more pressue/force when I plug in the ac adapter , I can get the lights to stop flickering blue & begin to indicate that it’s being charge

    what a headache!! =( Any ideas or answers as to what is going on? & what I should do to get my lap top working again?!

  9. célia

    Hey, I’ve had the same problem with my Toshiba Satellite M30. I’ve tride updating the BIOS like you recommended, but to do this, I need to have sufficient battery which, by definition, is not the case!! Can you help? How can I update my Bios if my battery does not charge?

    Thank you

  10. cj2600

    If I understood right, there are no LED lights at all, but the laptop is making a clicking sound when you plug the AC adapter (even though there are no LED lights), right?
    I don’t think this is a problem with the harddrive disk. When you have a faulty harddrive disk, you still should get LED lights when you plug the adapter.
    Try this. Remove all extra devices you can access from the bottom – battery, DVD drive, harddrive disk, memory cards and plug in the AC adapter. If you still have no LED lights and the laptop is still making the same clicking sound, probably you have a bad motherboard.
    Here’s one more thing to try. Find a voltmeter and test the AC adapter. Make sure it outputs correct voltage. I think it’s possible that you have a bad AC adapter and it doesn’t provide enough power to start up the laptop. This is just a guess.

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