Toshiba Satellite A60 and A65 problems

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Let’s talk about problems typical for Toshiba Satellite A60 and A65 notebooks. Do you own one of these laptops? Is it working fine for you?
Here are some typical issues I’ve notices with this model.

1. First of all – overheating
Does your laptop shuts down without any reason when you ran CPU intensive programs? If yes, then most likely it happens because the laptop overheats. It happens because overtime the heatsink gets clogged with dust. A layer of dust collects between the cooling fan and the heat sink (dashed line on the picture) and heat produces by the processor gets trapped inside the laptop. As a result of that, the processor overheats and the laptop shuts down.
Clogged fan

There are two different way to clean the heat sink and fan in these models:
– Buy a can of compressed air or find an air compressor and blow off the heat sink through the air intakes on the bottom of the laptop.
– Remove the keyboard¬†and you’ll get an access to the cooling fan. Blow off dust from the fan and the heat sink.
In some cases the laptop overheats because of defective cooling fan. The fan should start working as soon as you power up the laptop. If the fan will not star, most likely it’s bad and must be replaced. You can find a new heat sink cooling fan for Satellite A60 and A65 notebooks by the following part number: V000042110.

2. Defective onboard memory

Here’s another common problem – bad onboard memory. This memory is integrated into the motherboard and if it goes bad you’ll have to replace the entire motherboard.
If your laptop starts with some weird characters or lines of dots on the screen, most likely you have a faulty onboard memory. If you test the laptop with an external monitor, you’ll see the same defective video on the external monitor too. You can test the onboard memory with Memtest86+ utility. Remove any external RAM modules and run the memory test. If the onboard memory fails, you’ll have to replace the motherboard.
The integrated memory module is located close by the memory extension slot, under the foil.
Bad onboard memory

UPDATE: If you have bad memory, you should read this comment.

3. Last but not least – power jack issue.

With Satellite A60 and A65 notebooks this problem is not as common as with Satellite M30X, M35X, A70 and A75, but it’s still a problem. Overtime, the power jack might get loose and the positive pin stops making a good contact with the motherboard anymore. As a result, the laptop switches to the battery power even though the power adapter is still plugged in. Usually you can temporally fix the problem by adjusting the power adapter plug on the back of the laptop, but after some time the problem reappears.
In this case you’ll have to disassemble the laptop, remove the motherboard and resolder the power jack.
Loose power jack

Do you experience the same problems or you have another issue with your Satellite A60 or A65 notebook? Please share your experience.

Instructions for replacing laptop power jack yourself

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  1. GuamGuy

    My toshiba A60 will not power up. First it would power up intermittently, sometimes i would need to remove the battery and have to replace it to start it up. Now it shows the blue light around the power button then after a few seconds it turns off? What can I do.

  2. Help, my computer is asking me for the, automated recovery system, which I do not have it, can somebody send me a copy to my please, end let me know if it will work with my compu, or its like the new ones that came with the personal OS, end don’t run whit no others?.

    god bless…

  3. cj2600

    I think the cooling fan works hard because the heatsink is clogged with dust and the laptop overheats. Find compressed air and blow off the heatsink, it might help.

  4. sofia

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A60 and the cooling hardly ever stops. Does anyone knows how can I fix it?

  5. diaphus

    Since the motherboard RAM memory of my Satellite A60 was damaged, I had decided to desolde it. Nevertheless I realized that sometimes the bios detected only one half (128 Mb) of the total memory (256). If this happen the laptop works perfectly. Contrary, if some of the damaged memory is detected by the BIOS the laptot goes into troubles a few minutes after start-up. So, my practical “alghoritm” for starting-up:
    I turn the laptop on : If the memory detected by the bios is one half I continue with booting. If the memory detected is greater than one half then I turn it of, and I try again.
    I am using a boot loader (GRUB) so I can see the bios-detected memory before booting the operative system.

  6. Fred McGriff

    I have a problem with the on-board memory of my A65 Satellite laptop. Is it easy to de-solder the memory module and replace it?

  7. cj2600

    Here’s what you can try to narrow down the problem.
    Remove the battery, hard drive, DVD drive and any extra memory you’ve installed. Try to reproduce the problem when the system is minimized. If you still experience the same intermittent problem powering up and shutting off the laptop, you might have a problem with the motherboard.

  8. JGuam

    I have an A60 that needs to be powered on and off a couple of times before it boots. Sometimes holding power button will not allow system to shut off, have to unplug adapter and remove battery. Retry and usually boots up after this.
    Had problems with the old hard drive so I just recently replaced and reloaded system.

  9. Hi, Was just wondering if anyone reading here has tried to solder the third USB header on a satellite A60?

    Linux shows 3 root hubs so im assuming theres another connector.. and id like internal bluetooth so ive bought a cheap module and im gonna have a go this weekend integrating it into the satellite.. ill post back with results if it all goes well or not..

    just wondering before i start if anyone has found a set of solderpads to solder too (as theres no point starting if they dont exist – htough i suspect they do)

    Thanks for this great resource and if all goes well and the instructions posted work ill make a odnation to you after i put it back together :)

  10. Jim S

    I just bought a new upgrade battery for my Toshiba A85-S107 Laptop,the other died. After sending the 1st one back;It would not charge,I recieved the 2nd one with the same results.The battery comes fully charged and worked fine but It will not re-charge. The charging orange LED just blinks every five seconds. Tech support was useless, They lie and say the have no history of problems with the A85 series,I told him i read where the A75 series had the same problems. Any suggestions?

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