Toshiba Satellite A60 and A65 problems

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Let’s talk about problems typical for Toshiba Satellite A60 and A65 notebooks. Do you own one of these laptops? Is it working fine for you?
Here are some typical issues I’ve notices with this model.

1. First of all – overheating
Does your laptop shuts down without any reason when you ran CPU intensive programs? If yes, then most likely it happens because the laptop overheats. It happens because overtime the heatsink gets clogged with dust. A layer of dust collects between the cooling fan and the heat sink (dashed line on the picture) and heat produces by the processor gets trapped inside the laptop. As a result of that, the processor overheats and the laptop shuts down.
Clogged fan

There are two different way to clean the heat sink and fan in these models:
– Buy a can of compressed air or find an air compressor and blow off the heat sink through the air intakes on the bottom of the laptop.
– Remove the keyboard¬†and you’ll get an access to the cooling fan. Blow off dust from the fan and the heat sink.
In some cases the laptop overheats because of defective cooling fan. The fan should start working as soon as you power up the laptop. If the fan will not star, most likely it’s bad and must be replaced. You can find a new heat sink cooling fan for Satellite A60 and A65 notebooks by the following part number: V000042110.

2. Defective onboard memory

Here’s another common problem – bad onboard memory. This memory is integrated into the motherboard and if it goes bad you’ll have to replace the entire motherboard.
If your laptop starts with some weird characters or lines of dots on the screen, most likely you have a faulty onboard memory. If you test the laptop with an external monitor, you’ll see the same defective video on the external monitor too. You can test the onboard memory with Memtest86+ utility. Remove any external RAM modules and run the memory test. If the onboard memory fails, you’ll have to replace the motherboard.
The integrated memory module is located close by the memory extension slot, under the foil.
Bad onboard memory

UPDATE: If you have bad memory, you should read this comment.

3. Last but not least – power jack issue.

With Satellite A60 and A65 notebooks this problem is not as common as with Satellite M30X, M35X, A70 and A75, but it’s still a problem. Overtime, the power jack might get loose and the positive pin stops making a good contact with the motherboard anymore. As a result, the laptop switches to the battery power even though the power adapter is still plugged in. Usually you can temporally fix the problem by adjusting the power adapter plug on the back of the laptop, but after some time the problem reappears.
In this case you’ll have to disassemble the laptop, remove the motherboard and resolder the power jack.
Loose power jack

Do you experience the same problems or you have another issue with your Satellite A60 or A65 notebook? Please share your experience.

Instructions for replacing laptop power jack yourself

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  1. The Pallindrone

    (This is information concerning a CPU upgrade for the A65-S126 Tosh Satellite laptop.) I have enjoyed great success after upgrading the A65-S126 Celeron CPU with the Mobile Pentium4 532…3.06GHz…533mhzFSB…1mb L-2 Cache…”SL7NA”…the laptop actually streams video at a respectable rate and is more functional than ever(the RAM is maxed out), although the caveat is making sure you have the version 1.90 BIOS installed. The revision and stepping microcode was added to the BIOS and upon installation, the Hyperthreading control options and EIST control options appear automatically in the BIOS.
    My research indicated SEVERAL models of A60/A65 Toshiba laptops to be utilizing the same motherboard. The limitations haven’t changed, but after processor research, cross- referencing,comparison, as well as Toshiba parts re-sellers’ information, I as able to glean that this upgrade would be plug-n-play—–just an install only needed. Upon first, boot, however, I did have to clear the CMOS by removing ALL power and holding down on the power button solidly for one minute. The laptop proceeded to boot to Windows Desktop.
    You may have to go into the BIOS and change the newly added Hyperthreading instructions and fan controls to utilize the newly added functions. Everest benchmarks show varied improvements—20-150% across the board—but speed bumps nonetheless. The CPU is averaging about 50-70C (I expected this—bought a laptop cooler to help) and battery drain went from 1hr 45 min on the Celeron 128 to roughly 45minutes on the Pentium 4 532 with a new battery I just purchased.
    Finally, should someone want to try this, I must say STRONGLY 2 things: BE VERY CAREFUL of the ribbon cables (I trashed the touchpad,now waiting for the new one) and your own experience may vary from mine. I’m certain that this laptop in this configuration qualifies as a higher model in the A65 food chain, so I’m quite happy. Just thought I’d mention this to you.
    (Also, I did have the overheating [super-thorough clean-up on teardown] and the DC jack defects [replaced] in the past, but since addressed those issues. The on-board RAM defect and the resolution is VERY GOOD to know and I thank you for this excellent forum!!!)

  2. Clieferd

    Please help me sir…my problem are first..when i open my laptop…it will shutdown..and overheating …


    Good evening please sir i have a problem with my laptop, i forgot my password so what do i do to open it

  4. Hello All I have been reading about this A65-s126 toshiba satellite and about cutting off the 8 memory chips!! To my amusement I decided to go ahead and try this Guess what Now all I get is a beep!!! I tryed a 1 gig chip a 512 chip and a 256 chip and still just a beep…. So now it looks like i have a new decoration for the trash can!!!

  5. @ khoder hachem,

    It’s hard to tell if this is hardware or software related problem.
    Try booting the laptop in Safe Mode (press F8 key when the laptop starts). Does it freeze in Safe Mode?

  6. khoder hachem

    i have a toshiba satellite c660-1tf
    and i notice that it freezing after a little time when i turn on and begin work in windows 7 , for that i try to use the mouse or anything but there nothing answer .
    in this case i must turn off the laptop and then to turn it on agaibn from the beging .
    can you help me for that
    i wait your answer
    khoder hachem

  7. hello i have a laptop toshiba a60 … and monitor on me by the digit value and strange lines … what can I do????

  8. Thanks ever so much for the above blog! awesome

  9. cj2600

    @ Chris S,

    It’s possible the second memory slot is defective. What if you apply some pressure on the memory stick in this slot? Will it boot this way?
    Check out this post:

  10. Chris S

    I Have a Satellite A65 and it has a (non-removable) 256k, and a (removable) slot. I bought a 256K and a 512K for it, But If either one is in the (removable) slot, It will ERROR Screen. I’ve checked the IRQ Sharing/Conflicts list. it seems ok. But the RAM Conflict is bother the heck out of me. Please Respond. Chris

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