DC power jack repair guide

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This guide will explain how to repair a failed or loose DC power jack on a laptop computer yourself.

Disclaimer: I’ve made these instructions only for people experienced with soldering and repairing computers. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this job, please do not open the laptop or you can permanently damage your computer. Take your laptop to a professional repair shop instead.
Use this repair guide at your own risk. :)

For this repair you’ll need the following tools.

1. Soldering iron or soldering station. I use Weller WES51 soldering station and for this job I set temperature to about 800-850°F.
2. I use high-tech rosin core silver-bearing solder from Radioshack with diameter 0.022″ ( Catalog #: 64-013 ). I think standard rosin core solder will work just fine.
3. Desoldering pump for removing solder around component leads. I use Edsyn Soldapullt pump, model DS 017.
4. 99% isopropyl alcohol and tooth brush for cleaning the motherboard from flux.
5. A new DC power jack.

DC jack repair tools

Laptop DC power jack repair guide.

Laptop DC power jack

As you see on the following picture, the solder drop on the positive terminal looks different than on other three contacts. That’s where the problem is. The positive pin is not making a good contact with the motherboard and because of that power to the laptop cuts off when I move the power plug inside the power jack.
I’m going to desolder the power jack from the motherboard, clean contacts on both power jack and motherboard and then solder it back in place – this is the proper way fixing the power problem.

DC power jack bottom side

Start desoldering process with adding some new fresh solder to all three contacts. This will make old solder more flowable, easier to remove.

Removing solder

While heating one of the contacts, remove the solder from this contact using the desoldering pump. Repeat the same steps with all power jack contacts until you remove as much solder as possible.

Sucking extra solder

Grab the power jack and carefully try removing it from the motherboard. Most likely you will not be able to remove the power jack the first time because there will be some solder bridges left between the contacts and traces on the motherboard. Carefully wiggle the power jack without applying any significant force and at the same time heat up all contacts one by one. This will help you to remove the power jack.

Remove DC power jack

The DC power jack is almost removed from the motherboard.
Be careful. Inside the positive hole there is a copper sleeve which connects the terminal on one side of the motherboard with the traces on the other side. If you are removing the power jack with force, you can pull the sleeve from the hole. You don’t want to do that.

UPDATE: If you accidentally removed the internal sleeve, check out this post: How to fortify damaged power jack connection.

So, do not apply any force and make sure the solder is melted when you are removing the power jack. I hope you understand what I’m talking about.

Separating jack from motherboard

After the power jack is removed, clean all oxidized contacts with a knife.

Cleaning power jack contacts

Apply a fresh coat of solder to all contacts on the power jack.

Coating contacts

The power jack terminals will look dirty because of melted flux.

Flux on motherboard

You can remove the flux using the tooth brush and alcohol. It’s not necessary but it will make your job looking clean.

Removing extra flux

Apply a fresh coat of solder to all power jack terminals on both sides of the motherboard.

Coating contacts

This side has been coated.

Cleaned contacts side 1

And this side has been coated too.

Cleaned contacts side 2

Now you can install the power jack back on the motherboard. Put something under power jack so there is no gap between the jack and the motherboard. Now you are ready to solder the jack back in place.

DC power jack installed

Solder all power jack pins.

Soldering power jack

The job is done and the laptop DC power jack is fixed. B-E-A-utiful!
Now just install the motherboard back into the laptop and you are done.

DC power jack fixed

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  1. cj2600


    I really cannot help without seeing the laptop.
    It’s possible something is not connected properly inside the laptop case.
    You can try barebone system approach: disassemble the laptop completely and leave only three major components: motherboard, processor and memory. Test it with an external monitor. If the system starts, start adding parts one by one.
    If you had to remove the CPU during disassembly process, make sure the CPU is installed correctly and LOCKED inside the socket.

  2. cj2600


    Did you check the jack while it still attached to the motherboard? It’s hard to tell if this is failed DC jack or motherboard problem.
    It’s possible you have a failed DC jack.

  3. Tammyv

    Hello, The laptop was dropped and after checking the lcd which the plug was loose, the laptop would boot intermitly, then i discovered the dc jack was broken. I order a new one and have replaced the dc power jack, this first try the acer aspire 5516 booted up to the logon screen then shut down and the power light started blinking. so I I removed and reinstalled the jack again. now I just have the blinking power light that blinks a few time then stops, i can move the plug and the light comes back on but then only blinks and stops. not sure what to do at this point.

  4. hans

    hi, thanks for this tutorial. i have an EEE PC Seashell, when i plug the ac adapter its shorting. i hear a spark when i plug it in and the light on the power brick goes off when plug. i disassembled it to check if there are visible signs of damage but i cannot find it. using a multimeter i check the dc jack, when i check the center pin and legs of the jack, i get a reading. is the dc jack shorted?


  5. cj2600


    I believe Toshiba Satellite L510 and L515 had a DC jack harness which can be unplugged from the motherboard.
    If the DC jack is bad, you simply disconnect it from the motherboard and replace with a new one.

  6. i’m from indonesia i want to ask…because i’m studying repair laptop…i get a toshiba l510 then the jack adaptor is different with this tutorioal so..how i can get repair…yhe jack that i have is not in motherboard but socket like power floppy disk..thanks

  7. cj2600


    I guess your soldering gun is not hot enough. Is it melting solder easily or you have to wait for a long time?
    If it takes time to melt solder, probably your soldering gun is not powerful enough. This is my guess.

  8. Jackie

    I am attempting to remove a DC jack from a Gateway NV53. The solder in there doesn’t look anything like normal solder. I have tried desoldering with a vacumn and desoldering braid and still I can’t get the old solder out. I live in a remote area in SoCal and believe it or not I cannot find ANYONE with any electronic soldering experience to help me out. I obviously don’t want to spend alot on this or I’d just buy a new motherboard. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? It could be the iron isn’t hot enough, but I want to ask someone before I go buy another soldering iron.

  9. for the msi 1684

    it is cr610 i think

  10. cj2600


    I have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi2540, what kind of power jack do i need?

    You can find a new replacement DC jack on ebay.

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