How to modify damaged DC jack

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In this guide I explain how to modify damaged DC jack. While replacing the DC jack a few days ago I accidentally damaged one of the thermals on the motherboard.

I pulled out the internal copper coating (I name it a sleeve) from the inside of the “+” terminal as it shown on the picture below.

Damaged power jack connection

The the sleeve removed, it cannot be installed back. If you solder the DC jack back in place without this sleeve, it might work but the connection between the “+” lead and motherboard will not be reliable.

The following guide will help you to modify damaged DC jack terminal. This modification should work for most motherboards with soldered power jack.

Power jack removed with sleeve

Remove the copper sleeve from the “+” terminal on the jack.

Unsolder sleeve

Find a small resistor or capacitor with thin leads. Cut off one of the leads. I’m going to use it to modify the motherboard terminal.

Shape the lead as it shown on the picture below.

Power jack mounting contact

Put the lead on the “+” connector on the power jack.

Assemble power jack

Solder the lead to the power jack.

Solder mounting leg on power jack

Now I’m going to modify the “+” terminal on the motherboard.

Power jack terminals on motherboard

Carefully scrape off green varnish around the whole on the “+” terminal on the motherboard. You can use a small flathead screwdriver.

Clean terminal

If the whole is not big enough for your modified DC jack, you can widen it with an awl.

Make hole wider

As you see, the hole on the terminal is now larger. Apply a fresh coat of solder on the clear area of the trace.

Apply fresh solder on terminal

Install the power jack on the motherboard. Make sure there is no gap between the jack and motherboard.

Install power jack

Here’s a view from the top side of the PCB.

Solder all pins except the modified “+” pin.

Power jack installed

Now, when the power jack is secured, you can shape the lead as it shown on the picture below.

Solder five contacts

Solder the lead to the terminal. Remove excessive flux with an old tooth brush soaked in 99% alcohol.

Power jack installed and soldered

Here’s a view from the bottom side of the motherboard.

Power jack view from top

Be very careful. Doing this modification you can damage the motherboard and make it unusable. Proceed on your own risk.

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