A key fell off the keyboard. Fixing the problem.

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One or more keys fell off the laptop keyboard and you are not sure how to put them back? Don’t worry, most likely you can fix the keyboard and it’s not necessary to buy a new one. There is no universal repair guide because all keyboards are different. Here’s what I usually do in this case.

Situation 1. The key cap and key retainer fell off the keyboard and you cannot figure out how to assemble them back.

Laptop key fell off

Replacement Laptop Key

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Carefully remove the cap from any other working key so the key retainer stays connected to the keyboard.

Remove key cap

Take a closer look at the key retainer, it’s connected to the keyboard at four different points.

Assemble the key

Assemble the disconnected retainer the same way as one on the keyboard and put it back in place.

Install the key

Put the key cap on the retainer and snap the cap back in place.

Snap key cap

Situation 2. The key fell off the keyboard and you lost the cap or the retainer. In this case you can purchase a single key on the internet, just search for it. (Search examples: “Dell keyboard key”, “Toshiba keyboard key”, “HP keyboard key”, etc… )
After you found a new key, put it back in place the same way as I described in the situation 1.

Installing the space bar key.

The space bar key is connected to the keyboard a little bit differently then any other key.

Space bar key fell off

There is a metal retainer connected to the space bar key (on some keyboard models). Separate the retainer from the space bar key with a flat head screwdriver.

Remove metal retainer

Install the retainer back in place as it shown on the picture. You have to engage the retainer with the small hooks on the keyboard.

Connect retainer to keyboard

Put the space bar key back in place and gently press on it with fingers until it snaps back in place.

Connect space bar

That’s it. The space bar key is installed back in place and should work as before.

Here’s another technique you can use to fix a broken keyboard key.

As you see on the picture below the keyboard is missing the U key. The key cap, retainer and even silicone membrane were lost. Let’s see if it’s possible to temporarily fix the U key without buying any spare parts.

Personally, I cannot use keyboard without U key but I can live without a key located on the side from the right ALT – the “Right clicker” key. In the following guide I will remove one key I never use and install it in the place of missing U.

Keyboard missing one key

Carefully remove the key cap with your fingers.

Remove key cap

Remove the retainer. The retainer has two pieces connected to each other. If one piece got disconnected from the other, connect them back together.

Remove key retainer

The silicon membrane is glued to the keyboard. Very very slowly separate the membrane from the keyboard with a sharp knife. While creating this disassembly guide I damaged one membrane because I wasn’t careful enough.
Again, you have to be very careful removing the membrane.
If you damage the membrane you’ll end up with two broken keys instead of just one.

Key membrane

The silicon membrane has been removed.

Key membrane removed

Now apply some superglue on the bottom edge of the membrane, just enough to keep the membrane in the place.

Apply super glue

Carefully place the membrane in the center of the U. Make sure the membrane is positioned correctly. Wait until the glue cures.

Install key membrane

Install the retainer.

Install key retainer

Position the key cap above the retainer. Gently press on the key cap until it clips in and connects to the retainer.

Position key cap

Now you can use the U key again.

Keyboard is fixed

Troubleshooting. Why the key will not clip on.


Turn the key upside down and take a closer look at the locking clips. It’s possible that one of the clips is damaged and because of that the key will not clip on the retainer. If that’s the case, you’ll have to purchase a new key.

On the next picture you can see that one of the clips is missing, it’s broken. This key will not stay connected to the retainer either. If that’s the case, you’ll have to purchase a new key.

It’s possible that the key is fine, but the retainer itself is broken. On the next picture you can see that one of the tips is missing on the retainer. The left tip is OK, but the right one is missing. If that’s the case, you’ll have to purchase a new retainer.

Here’s one more picture. In this case two parts of the retainer will not stay connected to each other. It happens because one of the tips is broken. The left tip is OK, but the right one is missing. If that’s the case, you’ll have to purchase a new retainer.

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  1. my laptop very slow. because of virus . which antivirus is better now iam using macfee

  2. ahib0205

    owh… what is the virus in your laptop? i just use avg antivirus.

  3. How to unsnap and snap the cap please?!

  4. Brendan03

    Hi, I know this is irrelevant but I couldn’t seem to find a contact anywhere else on the site – I own a Toshiba PSM53A (M50 series) Laptop and I recently started the process of flashing my bios and before I even started, My laptop froze and I had to unplug it to turn it off, when I turned it back on, It did nothing, at all.

    Now I’m on a quest to find out if I can fix it, I’ve tried using a USB Flash card reader with the correct bios image on it as well as a CDRW with the image on it, My next option is to go and buy a USB Floppy Drive but I don’t want to spend this money until I can be sure it will work…

    I’d really appreciate any information on this matter, Thanks

  5. cj2600


    My laptop froze and I had to unplug it to turn it off, when I turned it back on, It did nothing, at all.

    If I understand right, when you turn on the computer the screen stays black and you get no image at all. If that’s the case, a new USB floppy drive will not help because you will not be able to boot from it. The BIOS is corrupted and you’ll have to replace the motherboard. I don’t know any other way to get it fixed.

  6. cj2600


    How to unsnap and snap the cap please?!

    You hold the key cap by the edges with your fingers and start carefully lifting it up. Try lifting up one side of the key first. I cannot explain how much force you have to use because you have to feel it.
    Installing the key cap is much easier. You just position the cap the way it should be and then press on the cap until it snaps in (assuming that the key or holders are not damaged).

  7. I tried to go to the website you have given me to buy a key that has broken. And that link is not working, could you please tell me where I can find a single key. I have searched Google and it seems like I cannot find any results at all. I would really appreciate it if you could help me with this.

  8. Caroline

    Hi! How do I replace the space bar key?? The key retainers are both stuck onto the space key.

  9. Thanks for the advice to take off another key, that helped incredibly, because I understood how it worked and provided a model; the “c” on my wife’s laptop works again!

  10. Thank you VERY much for your instructions! I had a key come off about a year ago. I would just snap it back, but it never quite sat right and would eventually fall off again. On a whim, I decided I’d Google to see if there was something I was missing. The retainer always remained on the key. After seeing the pictures here, I removed the retainer from the key instead of trying to attach it at the same time as the key. This allowed the rubber cone to sit correctly for the first time in a year! Thank you!

  11. Justin

    Not, bad I kind of new how it was i found for my keyboard, you needed to use pliers to hold the middle one in place while you snaped the outer one in place (my keyboad was a bit different, but your images helped out a great deal

  12. Henry Bevan

    I wonder if anyone could help me. The spacebar on my IBM X22 has stopped working for no apparent reason. I have taken it out and cleaned it a number of times but it still doesn’t want to work. Does anyone know how it works exactly or know how to get it working again?
    Thank you!

  13. I appreciate the laptop key replacement information. Thanks.

    But I have to take this one step further. I had a key pop off and in the replacement process, the little ‘cushion’ tab came off the keyboard base. This is the round rubbery thing in the middle of the retainer on the keypad. I still have it. It is shaped like the head of a missle and provides the spring back for the key.

    Can I glue this back on? I attempted my best in just putting it where it is located and replacing the key. It works but does not have the same tension as the other keys. I guess I could try again and see if I get more success.

    Any suggestions would help.

  14. Nocturnal

    What do you do when a piece of the plastic has broken off or the metal part that is on the base of the kb will not allow the plastic piece to stay in place?

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    Thank you for the “S” cap demonstration but could you show me how to do the Spacebar key because that came off with the retainer peices on it.

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    I was utterly distraught, and this site gave such a clear and basic way of restoration.

    Thank you once again!

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    I added more pictures to the post. The update shows how to install the space bar key. I hope it helps.

  19. the pictures were a great help even though my machine is a little different.
    thanks for saving hours of frustration in trying to work it out myself

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    Stupid cat jumped onto the keyboard and dislodged two of the keys, it took me 10 minutes to figure out how to fix it! I could have used this guide then.

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    I lost sleep over my spacebar breaking for two nights now thinking I had ruined a very expensive laptop of my husbands… then I found your site. THANK YOU for bringing hope to my situation. My problem is while trying to put the spacebar back on (before I found you) the two of the plastic retainers broke. I cannot find any replacement parts for the MPC Transport T2400 and when contacting the company was told that they do not offer replacement parts. Any idea of how I can get the little plastic thingies that I so desperately need?

  33. James Bass

    The other day when I was cleaning my Vaio laptop, I used a soft cloth across the keyboard and inadvertently snagged two of the keys. Both popped off, and I was able to just snap in one of the keys, but the other “O” key kept coming up on one side. After close examination, it looked like the inside molded little plastic clip had broken off. I’ve been searching for a replacement key, but no luck until I found your site. I’ve now ordered the key on Ebay and hopefully that will do the trick. Thank you for your very helpful website. JB

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    Amazing how hard it is to do without a down arrow. :-)

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    I’m going to take it to a shop soon if I can’t fix it.

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  60. HI, I found your information very useful but I’m still have the problems with my spacebar. It does not look like my laptop, a Toshiba Satellite A85-S107, has retainers hooks but rather that the retainer bounces off the a piece of metal that has a hole in it, the hole is too small for the retainer and when I tried to place the retainer in the hole, it stresses it out. Plus, when I type, I have to make sure I hit a certain area of my spacebar or it won’t register the key, particulary the corners of the spacebar. Also if I push a corner of the spacebar only that side goes down. Any advice???

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  67. Thanks for your info!

    Anyway, I have a HP Pavillion dv6000, and the spacebar got out of place, and I figured out the correct way to assemble it, and for anyone who needs the info>

    First, you have to assemble the four key retainers in their place, then lift up the upper part of the retainers that go below (the little ones), and the metal retainer of the spacebar should be placed inside the key. After that, insert the two little sides of the retainer of the keyboard inside the two little holes they should be, then carefully, press the middle of the spacebar (in the place it should be), and, leaving your finger there, press gently the four corners of the key until it snaps back in place.


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  78. My broken key is on a Gateway laptop and is the backspace key.
    It just happened! Grandchild pulled it off. His mother is going to kill me. So! It has a perfectly good key with this little wire on the back… then a rubber bumper dealy bob fell out of a hole I think… then this little square piece that looks like the one to the left of the bigger square that has the hole for the rubber piece, fell off. I think I could get it all to snap back, if that small black plastic piece was in place like the one on the other side. There seems to be nothing that attaches it. Does anyone have a website that has to do with Gateways? Thanks for any help!!!

  79. I popped one key (alt) off to see if I could just pull them all and clean the key contacts from the top. The key came off with the balancers attached. It wouldn’t go back on with the balancers attached. Visions of making a delicate wire gizmo to pop everything back in pace just didn’t work out. Glad to find out the key POPPED onto the balancer after the balancer was first installed on the board!

  80. Edvardas


    I was just looking for something else on google and found this forum. I just wanted to link you directly to right place where you can get your missing key.

    In this shop you will find keys for almost 100 different model laptops and the moment and there will me more soon.


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    This site was very helpful, everything popped back into place on the first try. Thanks for everything

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  100. Raheem siriru,

    My laptop has 3 letters on a key but pressing the key display a letter and there is no how i can shift within these keys,even with shift, caplocks key.

    Did you try both Shift keys, maybe one of them does not work?
    Let’s take for example one of the keys with three different symbols: ?,/,+
    If you press on the key, it should type “/”. If you hold down the Shift and then press on the key, it should type “?”. In order to type “+”, you’ll have to enable NumLk (Number Lock) on the keyboard.
    Right now I’m typing on an IBM laptop and I can enable NumLk by pressing two keys: Shift and NumLk. On some laptops you have to press Fn+NumLk.
    I hope it helps.

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    Sincerely, Angela Jordan

  110. My “G” key broke on my laptop (the retainer was broken and unable to be repaired) So I removed the retainer from the “ALT” key on the right side of the keyboard because there’s two of the same button and snapped that into place of the “G” key. It worked great.

  111. My up key fell off, i put it back on, but it now sits sunkey, and isnt real bouncy like the others are and how it used to be,

  112. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain with pictures how to put the key cap back on.

    To Angela Jordan and Chris: Mine was a little crooked and weird the first couple dozen times I tried also but I realised that it was because it wasn’t fully attached at all ends. Just GENTLY remove and try again until it snaps fully into place and it will look, feel and function like it never came off in the first place. Good luck.

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  122. Jake here again, I posted yesterday thinking I had fixed my E key. It keeps popping off though! I get the bracket on or the retainer thing, and then pop on the plastic key part. All seems to be fine, and then it gradually works its way off until I’m typing and it comes out :(. When I put them in, they make a snap into place, and I’ve looked at both pieces and neither of them are “broke” they just seem to be popping out…any help?

  123. The spacebar on my Acer laptop has TWO metal retainers, one on the top and one on the bottom. So I’m having trouble with this step:

    “Install the retainer back in place as it shown on the picture. You have to engage the retainer with the small hooks on the keyboard.”

    I can see where the bottom retainer goes, because there are two hooks it has to slide in to. But I have no idea what to do with the other metal retainer.
    Can you please help me? Thank you.

  124. my partner hoovered up my J and U and i cant find them does anyone know where i can buy replacement keys from???????????? HELP PLEASE

  125. I have this same problem on my dell precision m50. cananyone help me?
    i can pop it back in but the spacebar doesnt spring back out.

    125Chris M Says:
    November 15th, 2007 at 1:48 pm
    The spacebar on my Acer laptop has TWO metal retainers, one on the top and one on the bottom. So I’m having trouble with this step:

    “Install the retainer back in place as it shown on the picture. You have to engage the retainer with the small hooks on the keyboard.”

    I can see where the bottom retainer goes, because there are two hooks it has to slide in to. But I have no idea what to do with the other metal retainer.
    Can you please help me? Thank you.

  126. I have a Dell laptop and the little rubber piece in the center of the retainer came off the W key on my keyboard. I have all parts, just don’t know if I should glue the little rubber piece or what. Any comments are greatly appreciated.

  127. Ericka Lee

    Thanks a bunch. :)

  128. Vivian Doan

    Thanks for saving my life… this article solved what seemed like hours of frustration wonderig why the damn thing wouldn’t fit back onto the keyboard!

  129. Alan Cridge

    I dropped a book onto my laptop keyboard & the G & H key caps & retainers flew off. I tried several times to replace them & spent hours trying to work out how the key retailer reassembled.
    After just five minutes of studying your photos & instructions. They popped back on.
    What excellent clear instructions! Thank you for putting this info on the net & for FREE.

  130. I have looked at your instructions, and although very clear, I am having a major problem.

    The Caps lock key has come off of my laptop – it appears to be in a similar design to the spacebar. However, it is not the metal retainer that I am having problems with. It is the black bits inside, the bits that cover the spongey thing – is this making any sense? They have completely come off of my laptop! I have all the pieces, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to fix it all.

    I would really appreciate the help if you can, else I’m going to have to face my Dad, and tell him I have broken his laptop :(
    I just hope I don’t have to pay for it…

    Thanks again!

  131. Where do I find replacement keys for my Toshiba laptop?

  132. Cecil Turner

    You so ROCK! I had to do an enter key that my kid knocked off . . . the little pieces were completely indecipherable. But the opposite side shift key was similar, and a few minutes later . . . presto!

    I can’t believe how complex the little plastic bits were. And I’d never have figured it out without looking at this site (and a good magnifying glass). Thanks a million.

  133. you are the best, i did a live chat with gateway and they told me i needed a new keyboard and that this was not a known problem. I didn’t believe them, so glad i didn’t. i knew it was just a puzzle to put together, thanks

  134. Tony,

    Where do I find replacement keys for my Toshiba laptop?

    You can find most replacement keys for laptop keyboards on ebay.

  135. thanks you are the greatest!!!

  136. My Alt key came out along with key retainer tied to the cap, I could fix only after looking at your demonstration. Thanks a lot!

  137. Laura Levy

    Are the function keys of a Dell Inspiron different than the other keys? One of mine is crooked and I can’t get it to push down in the front. Another one will not snap at all in the front. The back (or top) of both keys is snapped into place. If you could help I would be very grateful!

  138. My baby knocked out the space bar key today. The last time my wife managed to put it back – took her 30 mins. With your clear instructions, it was working within 5 mins. Thanks a million!

  139. Our Foster Kitty (with Mega Claws) tore off 6 of my keys!! Thought I’d have to buy a new computer until I googled…Laptop Keys fell OFF – Here I am, and God BLESS you for such GREAT instructions!

    YEaaaaaaaaaa you all are the BEST


  140. thank you so much you saved my life it took me a while to figure it out but without your site i would not have my “o”. Every other sight either told me to glue it or pay a pro to do it. Thank you so much for your logical solution!!

  141. thanks you just saved me a £50 repair bill


  142. Adem Gashi

    thank you very much… It is a much easier way comparing it with the way the “expert” in my neighborhood repaired the lap top.

  143. tip – when i tried these steps, the retainer clips (and therefore the key as well) remained stuck in the lower, or “pressed key” state. so after installing the retaining clips, make sure they move freely before pressing the key cap back in.

    my clips were sticking at the top connect point, where the plastic bar slides under the metal bar. a little poking with a unfolded paper clip, and i got it to move freely – and the key works perfectly now.

  144. The O key came off my Compaq notebook (wonder if there’s a problem with “o” – see Kate post #143). Anyway, your site and clear pics showed me what was going on. My hinge and key were all together and rather than take another key off (too scary!!) I figured out the hinge attachment points and just located them and pressed. Voila!
    So, although I didn’t follow the plan (and I still don’t see quite on my Compaq if and how the key comes apart from the hinge), your site was a life saver. Thanks!!

  145. I just wanted to tell you Thank You. I dropped something on my laptop keyboard and the letter J popped off with the retainer still connected to the key cap. I pryed it off and got it back on the laptop and I was able to pop the key cap back on. I thought I was going to have to take it tto the repair shop.

  146. umm thanks it didn’t help very much though..my c button
    came off and i have NO clue what to do. please help me.
    your pictures didn’t help very much because my key retainer is a bit different. If you could give me more descriptive help
    I would appreciate it.

  147. just wanted to tell you thanks. my son dropped the laptop and i had no clue how the enter key went back on,but with your website i was able to fix it in about 3 minutes thanks and i will be referring my friend with problems to your site.



  149. nahh it doesn’t work… i mean it doesn’t work for my keyboard, because my son managed to snap it off and he kind of threw the retainer away… please don’t tell me i must fix it up, because it caused a lot of money to fix it. please tell me how to fix it up!!!

  150. nicole drost

    my space bar fell off and also m key & the key next to it. (the right) of it. I just purchased the in may & I need it for school. the keys around them are affected by this. what do i do?

  151. nicole drost,
    If you cannot fix the keys, it will be necessary to replace the keyboard. It’s possible the manufacturer will replace the keyboard under warranty. If you are using this laptop at home, you can attach an external USB keyboard and use it as a temporary replacement.

  152. Thanks for the pictures!!!…..15 second repair…no trip to the shop…..kids are safe for another day!

  153. Horace Grant

    Thanks a bunch!

  154. 2 keys popped off but the retainer is on the key help?

  155. one key is fixed but the other isnt and it just wont stick

  156. Atomicprince

    WOW! good pix dumb head like me took a few minutes to figure out but got it eventually studying the picture. My buttons were same type as shown in your space bar key. A pix is worth a thousand words? (In this case even a million would have not been enough)My compliments to ya

  157. thnx u so much who ever you are

  158. HEY – WORKED LIKE A CHARM! My girlfriend has to buy me a beer now!


  159. T Millin

    Thanks…I spend hours trying to fix the “J” key that had come off my laptop. Finally thanks to your site it seems so simple….. Thanks very much!

  160. How about when the 2 white small things don’t exist ? I have a Dell Inspiron, a key fell but there’s no mechanism to snap back in (no 3 parts, just the keycap and the sensitive “button” in the keybord. So there are NO white plastic pieces. When I try, it sits there but will not stay.

  161. Harshavardhan

    Hey thanks man.. I thought I had to get a new keyboard when 2 of the keys came off my laptop. I fixed it in few minutes after reading ur tip. Great tip.. You rock..!!

  162. I cant get my key cap off, i need to take it off bt i dont know how to do it, its a toshiba tecra A9. any advice anyone?

  163. Thank you for showing the picture keys, very helpful

  164. Perry Ho

    thank you so much for your help! i got my spacebar back on! haha

  165. Thanks for the info – it worked super. FYI, I was referred to your site by an online tech at HP. Keep up the great work!

  166. Thank you…I spend hours trying to fix the “F” & “down arrow”key that had come off my laptop by my 6month young baby…:) I have fixed it so easily that i could not belive i have done so. I meant to be spending about £50 to fix this… once again Thank you very much. !

  167. Thanks so much for the info. I was able to repair my son’s laptop with you help!

  168. Horrible instructions. “Take another key off to see how it’s done, and follow suit?” Thanks a lot, I never would have thought of that myself [sarcasm]. Consider this situation:

    My key is sticky, so I popped it off to clean underneath it, and now I can’t get it back on. The LAST thing I want to do is to ruin another key by taking it off.

  169. Then why are you looking for instructions on the Internet. Just buy a new keyboard and replace it smart ass.
    And stop eating when you work on the laptop, it will help. Good luck!
    By the way, read previous 170 comments. These instructions worked great for many people.

  170. Thanks! The backspace key, with the retainer attached, came off and I couldn’t get it back on. Your pictures showed me that it was actually two pieces, key and retainer, and that the retainer needed to be on the laptop first. I then got the retainer off the key, easily got it back on the laptop, and then snapped the key into place! So simple when you have a little help from someone who knows! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  171. My F key is off and it doesn’t want to snap back on….any other suggestions?

  172. THANK you SOOO much! My N key had stopped functioning (junk underneath), and I knew the right answer was to pop off the key (our cockatiel does it, why can’t I?), clean underneath. Only the key retainer came, too, and without your ace photos and instructions I never would have had the nerve. I popped off the B key and this time only the cap came off, and I could inspect the other retainer. Managed to wiggle it in there with the help of a plastic Bic pen top. Everything works perfectly now!

  173. Heather Rego

    I have tried many times to put this stupid key in. This treatment does not work. im switching to geico


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    I have been trying to get that thing on for 2 months now. You have no idea the agony I have gone through. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

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  178. do u also know how to fix a backspace key on a compaq presario v6065ea keyboard? thankyou.

  179. just wanted to add to the list and say THANK YOU! my “L” key is happily back in its rightful place!

  180. TY SO much i got my enter key fixed because of this…the pictures helped SO much..

  181. Thanks so much for the repair tip! Got my “r” key back on and working

  182. Thanks so much. The pictures were a great help. Got my S back in place.

  183. The “F” fell off my keyboard and thanks to your guide I replaced it in a few minutes and quite alot of searching. THANKS so much, it looks as good as new and does not wobble. Saved me £25. THANKS!!!! :)

  184. Thanks a bunch. I was freaking out to say the least. It usually costs about $300 and I just snapped it back in.

  185. Thank you. I was able to put 2 keys back on.

  186. how bout a way to fix the esc key!

  187. Hi great site , only problem is all the keys i`ve seen are different than the one on my Compaq presario V6254ea , just wondering if anybody has any info on how to put keys back on to this type .

  188. It didn’t help(not saying its bad advice but i have a diffrent computer

  189. I just want you to know, your step by step instructions on how to put my popped off space bar were exellent! I love you! You saved my company 50.00-60.00 Everywhere i called they were telling me i had to replace my entire keyboard. All I did was follow your pictured instructions a Viola!
    Leanna M
    Sales & Catering Manager, Marriott

  190. I have the exact problem with three keys missing on a Medion MD 2900 notebook. Medion no longer sends individual keys for replacement like they did when I was under warranty. The advice here is great and I am now headed to ebay with high hopes that I can find the indidividual keys I need. Thanks for the good advice here.

  191. I have a problem with the compaq presario v5000 shift key..it is different than the space bar..i can send you an image thanks

  192. Thank YOU! I was just typing away in the “E” key cap (with the retainer attached) just popped off. Freaked out first of all, then searched and found your website. Photos and instructions were great – had it back on in less than 5 minutes. Didn’t even have to pry off another working key, just noticed, when I looked closer, how the retainer must be fitted into the keyboard.

    Thanks again!

  193. This helped perfectly! Thanks a lot!

  194. I’m working on a Toshiba Satellite 1405 Series with 6 missing keycaps/retainers. Is there a source to purchase replacement caps and retainers? Or is it time to replace entire keyboard?
    (L-Ctrl, Win, D, B, Pause, down arrow)

  195. Lim Tee Heong

    Thanks for the pictures. It helped me fix my popped keys. saved me a trip to the repairer.

  196. bless you, bless you, bless you!!!!!!!!!

    You have saved my dog from a severe skinning.

    lesson learned…. never leave laptop on sofa in a housefull of excitable dogs. Think I will take said dog on a walk now, to lower blood pressure and reacquaint myself with the fact that I really DO love this idiot dog. And yes, I was an idiot myself.

  197. Wow. These instructions were excellent. I was able to fix my son’s laptop within minutes by following the step by step instructions.


  198. thank you soooo much..i didnt think that i would be able to put the keys back myself but the pictures were extremely helpful..JEN

  199. Yokoshima Rika

    Thank you so very much!!! My little brother was highly upset and banged his fist on the keyboard and I was left with a missing space bar and Alt key! Luckily, I found them on the floor… and Google led me to this site! Kudos to you and to google!!! Mostly to you!

  200. Ken,

    Toshiba Satellite 1405 Series with 6 missing keycaps/retainers. Is there a source to purchase replacement caps and retainers? Or is it time to replace entire keyboard?

    I think it makes sense to replace the whole keyboard. You can find the replacement keyboard on ebay for about $30-35.

  201. ahhh! thank you! :]

  202. another victim of leaping dog. tosh 2007:
    1) reattach white hinged retainer.
    2) press bottom of key on first seems easier, then press top of key.
    (u should hear all 4 corners snap on.)

  203. Hi my dell laptop button (k) had come off and i super glued it back on like an idiot and after 1 day i went to check on it and it had turned rock solid and i couldn’t press the button in. so can anyone help with what to do now pleaseeee??

  204. Thank you very much for this tutorial. Kudos to you!

  205. I have a bronken hinge cover and need to replace a hinge cover on a compaq persario v5000. ANy ideas on where I might locate one?

  206. Gary,
    You’ll find new hinge covers for a Compaq Presario v5000 series laptops here.

  207. omg!!
    i fixed mine!
    thank you so much i feel like a technician lol

  208. Thanks for the guide was very helpful.

    I now have a few keys I had to replace due to a drinks spillage which is very annoying as some keys go sticky to press. Was just wondering if you knew what the backspace was like underneath as I don’t want to remove it incase there is a bar or something really tricky to get back on, the Enter key took me about 2 hours and I don’t want to have to go through that again.

    Help appreciated. Thanks. =)

  209. My keys look a little bit different and I wasn’t able to snap them back on easily. I am using a gateway notebook and it took me a long time to figure out how to put the key back on. The top two points were the hardest to snap on. I needed to get a knife and put lots of pressure right where the two prongs connect. It did the trick but I tried lots of times with my finger and it didn’t work. I hope this suggestion will help other people who can’t put the key back on just with your finger pressure. Use a knife and put lots of pressure right on the top two points to get the prongs to sit in tightly. Otherwise you will only have half the key connected and it will fall off. Goodluck

  210. Well done! Thanks so much for your help!
    Granted, this site wasn’t easy to find either…

  211. This was awesome. I would never have figured it out, and certainly would not had the guys to pop a 2nd key off thinking that I would just make a bad situation worse. You definitely saved me. Thx.

  212. My wife knocked off the right arrow key on her HP Pavilion laptop.
    (Lower right corner) The pieces in your pictures above don’t match. Are there more pix of the HP laptops?

  213. Renato Barbieri

    Real life saver! Thanks a bunch for the detailed instructions!!

  214. This is such an awesome instructional site. My spacbar fell off and one set of the retainers is broken. Where can I find key retainers for purchasing?

  215. Cary Salusky

    You helped me greatly with your info on keycap removal and replacement. My daughter dripped one drop of soda on my keyboard and glued down the up arrow and enter key. Your site gave me the confidence to fix it myself. Thanks!

  216. Hi..
    It was great key just came off and i fixed it using this tutorial in no time

  217. thanks a lot, it worked. I am grateful

  218. Jeremy Davis

    AWESOME. After monkeying around with it for a few minutes I got it. I was freakin’ out because my 1 year old got a hold of my laptop and removed a key. But all is good again. Thanks a bunch!!!!

  219. Thanks a lot… It was soo helpful… thanks again..

  220. the left hinge on my laptop has cracked and when i close it the back part sticks out
    the fence looking thingy that covers the vent thing broke off.
    if i open the screen to far it looks like the crack gets worse.
    i have a v5000 compaq and i looked all over the website and there isnt to much there.
    wat should i do?

  221. abdulrahman

    thanks very much it helped me very much :)

    and thanks angain

    (i have a fixed keyboard again) :)

  222. George

    Wher can I purchase a key retainer for my HP Pavilion ze5700 lap top? A key came off but the white retainer broke. Instead of buying a new keyboard as suggesed by the Fleece Squad I was hoping I could just replace the key retainer! Thanks

  223. I was able to put the retainer back on, but the rubber piece also came off, should I just glue it back?

  224. louise

    hi i have broke my 1 key before and did that thing great!
    but ma space bar key retainer wont clip? and its broken can u helpme?????

  225. Thank you so much for you instruction, it saved me a trip to bestbuy after my baby pulled the space bar off.

  226. Thanks for this! i never thought i could get the S key back onto my laptop!

  227. David Brinkman

    A hair got caught behind the “t” on my keyboard and I popped it off. I could see the retaining clips but did not have the confidence to snap it back on. I snapped it back on per your instructions but Now I really need to press hard on the “T” to get it to register. Any solution?

  228. Amarinder

    Thanks a lot
    I was freakin out and just then came by ur website grt. I fixed the key myself.
    Thanks a ton

  229. Carlos

    Hello i lost the bubble pieceon my k key on my dell laptop where can i use to replace that?

  230. Irving

    I don’t have a problem cleaning the keyboard to my desktop. I read that you could put it in the dishwasher (topshelf) and just a bit of soap. I tried it with a board I was going to replace and it worked great. But I realize each time I do it I could ruin the KB and I accept that.

    Now I’ve spilled a little something on my Laptop’s kb. There is no way I can afford to replace the laptop. Can I just pop a key off and clean under it and then pop it back on? I realize that it must seem like a stupid question but the last time I had a laptop worked on it cost me $120 ($60 to even look at it plus $60 an hour.) When I took it back because it still wasn’t fixed they told me they would be happy to keep looking for the problem. (Like Hell.)


  231. Thanks so much. I didn’t glue back the rubber piece, just placed it carefully after replacing the retainer and tapped down the key cap. It’s working great.

  232. Steady01

    Cany anyone help me my o key came off my laptop however the key retainer stayed on, im just clueless about how to snap the key back onto the keyboard

  233. OMG i can not belive that this site just fixed my alt button on the left side. I’ve been tryin for like 2 day until u helped me! I have 3 laptop and 1 desk top and I just want tostay on my laptop instead.

    it was funny 4 a minuete

    lastnight me and my cuzin was playing on our webcam but thats wen the button fell out cuz i thougt i could easily fix it bac but no,no that time. so my dad came and he was like let me see ya cumputer real quick to check sum thin so i took like 20 min to just dont give him my cumputer but my cuzzin’s…………………………………………that wuld of been so many trouble 4 me, he just boughtme this a week ago.

  234. Really Very Helpfull………………..

  235. cj2600


    Now I’ve spilled a little something on my Laptop’s kb. There is no way I can afford to replace the laptop. Can I just pop a key off and clean under it and then pop it back on?

    It depends on how much liquid you spilled and most likely the cleaning will not work. Laptop keyboards are different.
    What laptop do you have? Make, model? Maybe I can help you to find disassembly instructions and you can replace the keyboard yourself, it shouldn’t be very difficult. If you can find a new replacement keyboard yourself it shouldn’t be expensive either.

  236. Stephanie

    I suppose if the tiny little metal hooks that are physically on the keyboard are missing, then I am SOL. I was ending them back up and they broke off.

    Thank you for your help.

  237. Thank you… that key was driving me crazy!!!!
    How easy to fix using your instructions

  238. hi!
    ita about my friends fujitsi laptop.yesterday we spill drink,but wasn’t much!!!
    then we tried to use hairdryer!!well we shouldn’t of!and some buttons came off.because of the heat (he was busy talking and got too close to the keybord!) they are out of shape and we can’t snap them back!!hoe do we reaplace it?

  239. ozzie stafford`

    how to replace key cap ibm series
    “i” help

  240. veronica

    This information GREATLY helped me; my “E” key had been a bit wonky and falling off all the time, so after a yahoo search and navigation to this page, I figured out how to properly snap my key back on…with the help of a piece of band-aid wrapper and super glue (because it had a minor break) and now it is perfectly functional!
    I would like to thank who ever made this page; its absence of the ambiguity other sites display saves me from ripping keys off intentionally out of frustration, THANK YOU!

  241. robert

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  242. leonie

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  243. JK McZoo

    Thank you. My toddler pulled a bunch of keys off my brand new lap top that we can’t even afford. I need to sell a bunch of stuff on eBay to pay for it. Well, can’t easily list items on eBay without a functioning keyboard! I thought I’d do a google search for a “fix-it website” and here it is! Not easy doing the search, either, with missing keys! But, the bottuns still work, yay! I got them all on, and had to look up several pictures of keyboards to figure out where some keys went. Had to prented to type, as well, to remember where some letters went! Then I find some plastic parts under my shift key are busted and bent and the key won’t stay on. HP says I have to buy a new keyboard or laptop, they don’t sell the parts! Nothing remotely on eBay, at all. Set up a Favorite Search, but any suggestions, in the meantime?! They are cracked, and slightly bend, so it’s all there, it just doesn’t function very well, and pops off. It’s livable, but annoying. Can you superglue or tape? Doesn’t seem like that would work, as they are so small, and afraid of what the gook might do to my laptop underneath. Please, advise!



  245. Sherry

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  246. Oleh Kusyy

    Dear All,

    my Toshiba Satellite A60 keyboard stoped working. No button works. I tested the keyboard on another computer and it is ok. The problem is probably in the mainboard.
    Could anyone suggest how it could be repaired?
    Please, any suggestions.

  247. Thankyou, This allowed me to fix my girlfriends keyboard. She will be very happy, nice work :)

  248. Margaret

    Thank you so much! My toddler thought it was a blast to pick the keys off. Your website helped me replace the keys in less than half an hour. I have a little coordination for detailed work such as this. Keep up the great work!

  249. Sandra

    It has not really worked. :( I have accidently broke my d key and it will NOT come back on!!!!!! One white bit is off, and the other white bit is on. I’m trying to fix and put the other white bit on. My uncle knows how to do this. I wish he was here right now. He can do it in like, 10 seconds practicly!! He know nearly everything about computers. Please!!! Someone help!!! I try to snap the d bit on, I hear a clicking sound, but then I notice it has still not come on. This has been about 6 keys falling off!!!!!!!!!!!! Boohoo! :'( ;(

  250. Do you have instructions to put the spacebar back on a leveno t61p?

  251. Thanks soooooo much!! I can use my n key now!!!!

  252. Keely Smith

    I just need the key retainers. My cat pulled off two keys and I put one back on and the other one was broke. I forgot to close the lid and he even fell asleep next to it and when I got home there he was asleep next to the laptop. I have a toshiba and I have looked everywhere and then I came across your web site how cool is this you even show us how to put them back on. Where do I find the retainer clips for the keys.
    Thanks, Keely Smith

  253. natalia

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  254. natalia

    Im hearing the snap when i put the key on but it keeps on falling out anyway

  255. Alicia Busby

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  256. Ya know, I thought about throwing away my laptop (I could have used another one) until I read your article and saw the pics. Who would have thought to take off a “working” key to see how to reassemble the broken keys? DUH!

    I was able to fix my laptop if you hadn’t guessed. Thanks!

  257. Stacey

    That was so simple and easily explained. You probably just saved me 80 bucks tech labour charges!

  258. Thanks for your help! I thought that I would have to live with a missing “:” key, but thanks to your tips, I was able to snap it back on!

  259. doezn’t work for me :(( HP laptopz zuck!!!

  260. What happens if the part that you press down on sorta, kinda, got ripped off? Like the part that is under the key itself? I have to copy and paste my “c” now. Do I have to send my laptop back and get a whole new one? Please reply to me e-mail at 09perrye@wcasd.net. Thanks!

  261. Ansley

    Um, yeah. I just want you to know that you ROCK – my spacebar was driving me ABSOLUTELY NUTS…thanks to you, it’s all better….see!

  262. Thomas

    Great… any advice on the Enter key? There seems to be a combination of large key & a weird metal u-shaped clip too, very hard to position. Plus it’s on my girlfriend’s laptop (was trying to replace backspace!) & I may soon be lynched if it’s not sorted… :-S

  263. Donnaq Jankowiak

    Can someone please help me. I have a dell I borrowed from a friend and one key game off then I followed the directions I quess I done it wron and the second key the retain game of with the key. For some reason when I get to the point of getting the retainer back on I canot snap the key. On this computer the retainer is so thin and slips and slides. Help me please What am I doing wrong

  264. Donnaq Jankowiak

    Can I glue the key and will it stil work Help I in trouble

  265. thanks for this guide. was very helpful. keep the good work running

  266. dianne

    Thank you so much! I was able to replace my “f” key on a hewlet packard ….the plastic parts were very thin, but i was persistent. they actually have just three connection points: one on the left and two on the right side. merci merci!

  267. Heinrich

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  268. thank you, thank you…The space bar bit saved the day, I just couldnt figure out how to get it back on, you take the clip off !!!!

  269. Thank you!
    Thank you!
    My A key cover is replaced. Such clarity you provide.
    Thank you again.
    Location: St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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  271. NICOLE


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    Easily replaced my ” I ” key on my HP laptop. Thakks ,repair shop wanted $165.00

  273. diana

    thanks so much! i didn’t realize the keys just snap back into place!

  274. Hi,

    well i have a problem with the caps lock key it fell off and it’s kind of different from the pictures above i tried to snap it back in but it din’t get proper installed and it’s not steady. so i may need other instrutions to get that fixed any help will be really apreciate.
    Thanks in Advance

  275. hi

    just so you know my caps lock key is like the shift key that can be seem in the firts picture you show

  276. Faith

    Thank you so much! The Fn key fell off my IBM ThinkPad last night and the mechanism behind it was in 4 pieces. I was totally stuck as to how to fix it but I did as you suggested – carefully prized another key off – and I could see how to reassemble the Fn mechanism. It’s now as good as new!

  277. Hi,

    Please help me with the caps lock key or in your case shift key, i put back to place but is not steady and it is annoying to have that key like that please help.

  278. How do I put the enter key back on if the little white retainer is still attached to the keyboard?

  279. Dian

    I got my down arrow to go back on to my Compaq but now it wobbles really bad and wont stay straight it falls to the sides but its still attached. Is there anyway to remedy this or do i have to buy a new one?

  280. Dian

    Found the problem. The retainer apparently has a bar in center which keeps it from moving side to side and keeps it flat. I guess im going to have to buy a new one. Is there anywhere i can get one? Just the down arrow key?

  281. SaCorznn

    I actually lost 2 keys on my HP notebook.
    Where can I buy replacement keys?

  282. Michelle

    Thanks you so much. My son was banging on one of the buttons and it actually came off. I managed to get it back on thanks to your guide. I was a little scared to put it back in incase I broke it but luckily after about 10 min. I got it in. My keys were slightly different than the pic but it really worked as a guide. Thanks again.

  283. Jamie

    THANK YOU!!!!!!! My 2 year old got a hold of my laptop and pulled about half of the keys off, including the space bar and command keys. It was a headahce just to remember where they went, lol. Most of the buttons were easy, but if it wasn’t for you I never would have gotten my SpaceBar back on. THANK YOU!!!!!

  284. Crystal

    Thank you SO MUCH for this page! I probably would have thrown my laptop across the room in frustration if I didn’t find this page. Thank you!

  285. I was in need of help to replace the sparebar key and it was very easy because of this website..Thanks

  286. My 1.5 yr old kid managed to grab the spacebar key on to his hand and I was trouble in placing it back. Then I did a google search and came to this site. The pictures and instructions really helped me to put it back – it took about an hr to get it right. my toshiba’s spacebar had a second metal gripper too, (almost an O shaped with a little gap at the top) and I didnt know how to snap it back. But this second one was not really necessary to be taken care of – just left it as is. I just needed to remove the 2 square pieces from the key first and place it on to pad, so also the outher metal c shaped thing and then take the key and snap it back to a click.- SUCCESS !
    Thanks once again to this site- and of course google.

  287. Victor

    Thnx for the help! You guys have great tips on fixing laptops.

  288. Thanks so much for your help! You saved me the $85 for a replacement keyboard. :)

  289. Sussy

    Thank you this was really helpful, i was able to fix the key that fell off… feel so accomplished… specially since i’am completely clueless when it comes to computers.

  290. Brynja

    Thank you very much! My down-arrow key came off but I managed to fix that thanks to your instructions.

  291. Helen

    If this has fixed my space key then thanks, just look at the spaces I can make now it is fixed!! Thanks I had lifted completely the wrong bits before the photos are great.

  292. James Butler

    In the pictures for keyboard repairs it shows a while plastic retainer. Where can I find those or where can I order them. I have one that is broke for my spacebar and need a new one

  293. katie

    two of the keys have fallen of my laptop and the clip things that attach it back are broke what do i do?

  294. carmen Mills

    I went to the web site to replace my spacebar and it do not look like the picture I have to bar onelone and one short and the dont bend the ends are straight can you help me to replace this one thsnks

  295. my alt key fell off my inspiron 1501 and i can`t get the top of the white thing to go back in

  296. Andreas

    Short version, thank you very much!

  297. thanks soo much my spacebar was shaped a little different but ur advice still worked im coming to this site for any other problems i have from now on

  298. sophie

    how do i fix a letter on my laptop key board because i am scared 2 take another letter off incase it dont go back on

  299. Heidi

    Unbelievably helpful!!! Thank you SO MUCH (she is able to say, with a fully functioning U key)!

  300. Julianne

    You are a wonderful human bean. :) I have been missing my “p” key for a couple of weeks. Do you have any idea how many words use the letter “p” ? Thank you so much!

  301. tamara

    thanks a million times over and over again! Hope you receive well deserved satisfaction from helping so many with this. You are appreciated!!!!! My “A” thanks you, too. He has been causing me all sorts of distress.

  302. suhair

    plesse i have problem on letter H and u and numbers 123 , how can repair.

    thank you

  303. cj2600


    please i have problem on letter H and u and numbers 123 , how can repair.

    This sounds like a problem with the keyboard. You’ll have to replace the whole keyboard.

  304. Danny

    Hi. My up button has this problem and fell off. I did what you said and took one key off and did it with the down button. I have the retainer and the cap but the thing is the little black thing in the middle of a key is off. I have that as well with me. I looked at the down button and the middle black thing is fully attached to it.

    Does that mean i can’t do anything about it? If yes, how are you suppose to attach the 2 pieces of the retainer together?


  305. cj2600


    I have the retainer and the cap but the thing is the little black thing in the middle of a key is off. I have that as well with me. I looked at the down button and the middle black thing is fully attached to it.

    Are you asking about the rubber membrane under the key? Try gluing it in place with superglue, you cannot make it worse as it is right now.

    how are you suppose to attach the 2 pieces of the retainer together?

    I think that’s why you removed the cap from the down button, so you can see how the retainer is assembled and assemble it the same way for the up button. Am I missing something?

  306. Danny

    Is the rubber membrane black? Its a very small black thing… looks like a crump. It is fully attached to another button on my dell laptop keyboard.

    Yes, i do not get how you attach the 2 parts of the retainer together. Am i suppose to take one of them and connect it to the other? I tried every way possible. I do not understand how you attach the 2 parts of it together.

    In your key cap and key retainer diagram, assuming we just look at the key retainer where we see the 2 parts, assumign the one of left is 1 and the one on the right we call 2. Am i suppose to put 1 inside of 2? I do not get how you stick both of them together before you plug it back into the keyboard.

  307. cj2600


    Is the rubber membrane black? Its a very small black thing… looks like a crump. It is fully attached to another button on my dell laptop keyboard.

    I think we are talking about different key parts. Take a look at the third picture in the post. Do you see a black nipple (membrane) in the middle? That’s what I’m talking about.

    Yes, i do not get how you attach the 2 parts of the retainer together. Am i suppose to take one of them and connect it to the other? I tried every way possible. I do not understand how you attach the 2 parts of it together.

    Yes, they have to be attached to each other.

    In your key cap and key retainer diagram, assuming we just look at the key retainer where we see the 2 parts, assuming the one of left is 1 and the one on the right we call 2. Am i suppose to put 1 inside of 2? I do not get how you stick both of them together before you plug it back into the keyboard.

    Yes, the part 1 goes inside the part 2. The part 1 has two small pins on both sides, right in the middle. Do you see them? The part two has two small holes on both sides (inside). When you assemble parts 1 and 2 together, pins on the part 1 go inside the holes on the part 2 and both parts work like a small hinge. Maybe the part 1 in your case has broken (missing) pins on both sides?

  308. Danny

    hi again. Yes i see the black nipple membrane.

    And yes i see the 2 small pins on part 1. I also see the 2 slots i am i suppose to fit it into part 2.

    Its suppose to be very hard to fit it in right? I am trying it over and over again but it is so hard to fit the pin inside.

  309. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I have had my key come off before and just snapped it back on but this time the retainer came off as well. I’m in law school and use my laptop every day. I was really stressed about the thought of having a missing key for any extended period of time. I can’t thank you enough. The pics were invaluable!

  310. Shelby G.

    I have an Acer leptop with the control key popped off…the retainer does not pop off the key…I can’t get it back on, could anyone help me?

  311. MissAmyQ

    This was the most USEFUL page I have ever seen for this. I was panicking when the key fell off and was pretty upset. With the pictures and great directions, the key went back into its place in less than 2 minutes. Thank you so much!

  312. I have a lenovo, and i can’t seem to get the key to pop back on. the retainer never came off, but the key won’t seem to pop back on for good…it’s all wobbly…help?

  313. Nick L

    @jenna, It seems that one side has attached while the other hasn’t you need to push down harder(it will surprise you how hard you have to press) to get the other side to attach.

  314. chris murry

    i have a hp dv6500 and some of the keys have fallen off but the retainers are still in place. i tried pushing the keys back on to the retainers but they just snap back out again when i press them. just wondering if anyone could help me with this problem?

  315. Wow! You just saved my h-key!!! It was really hard to put it back on, but this helped a lot!! Thank you so much!!

  316. I have an acer laptop..and i still cant seem to get my 1-key back on the keyboard…

  317. Never mind! I got it! :]
    Thanks a lot!

  318. C Flann

    DO NOT LISTEN TO NICK L!!! So like i tried pushing really really hard to get the other side to attach like he said, well i ended up breaking the retainer!! Don’t do that! I really don’t know how to get the other side to attach but obviously not like that! now i don’t know what to do!! can i get just the retainer?

  319. Two keys came off of my PowerBook G4 15″. I found this site via Google, read the instructions. Took me 15 minutes but I did it. Woo Hoo! I’m very satisified. Thank you!

  320. angela

    Please, I spilt coffee on keyboard now my (comes after y) key and (comes after u) key don’t work, what can I do?

  321. It didn’t take more than 10 min to fix the ‘A’ key in my Dell LATITUDE D620. It was straight forward like the first 4 pics in this page. Thanks a lot.

  322. cj2600


    I spilled coffee on keyboard now my (comes after y) key and (comes after u) key don’t work, what can I do?

    First of all, don’t use the laptop like that. Unplug the power adapter and remove the battery. I you spilled just a few drops, let it dry overnight. Make sure the keyboard is completely dry before you plug in the laptop.
    If you spilled a lot, it will be necessary to disassemble the laptop and take a closer look at the internal parts. I would recommend taking it to a professional repair shop. Liquid spills are very unpredictable.

  323. Manohar

    Thank a lot. I could repair my laptop by your guidance. It was wonderful.

  324. harvey hou

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  325. Smellyellybumbum

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  326. Susanna

    Thank you! I successfully repaired my space bar key! (it took me over 10 minutes, but I didn’t need to pay a technician to fix it for me!

  327. it didnt help ,me at all u didnt exactly state which goes in first .and i cant afford to remove another cap bcuz what happens if i cant fix it now i wuld have 2 keys that r messed up.plz help me

  328. and also dat little black thingy came of as well.plz help

  329. cj2600


    it didn’t help me at all u didn’t exactly state which goes in first .and i cant afford to remove another cap bcuz what happens if i cant fix it now i would have 2 keys that r messed up

    Then it’s time to take your laptop to a repair shop. Most likely they will offer to replace the whole keyboard.

  330. Thanq you I qan finally use the QQQQQQQQ button on my keyboard again. It took me 20 minutes to figure it out my problem was I was snapping the parts in and then trying to put the key in place. but thanks to your little guide I figured out
    That I had to put the parts in place then snap the key onto the parts.
    Thanks for the help!

  331. im just a kid i dnt know any repair shops,i bought this laptop from walmart

  332. well do you know where i can get a new key retainer bcuz it appears The 2 are suppose to go into each other but one of the small part thats suppose to go into is broken(The smaller center retainer)

  333. cj2600


    do you know where i can get a new key retainer bcuz it appears The 2 are suppose to go into each other but one of the small part thats suppose to go into is broken

    Did you try ebay?

  334. Harald Baumann

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    the internet, intelligent people and competence
    all rolled in one!!!!!!!!!!!

    congrats to their effort and a b i g “thanks”
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    with kind regards

    harald baum ann

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  336. thank you so so much! i had four keys that had been coming off for a month now and i just was able to fix the problem. thanks again!

  337. My method worked just fine. I just sat it on the spot and mashed it by pushing it in various arrangements.

  338. mmiles

    Thank you! I spent 2 hours trying to get this to work while looking at your site and it does! Mine was for the backspace key, but it looks similar to the spacebar key in your picture.

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  341. Thank you! You just saved me at least $60 and a trip to the repair shop. Much obliged for your very well laid-out instructions!

  342. Megan

    I can’t get the key retainer to snap back into place! for some reason, its just slightly too small… In the process of trying to fi_ (haha i can’t type ecks because that’s the offending key) this the springy rubber thing popped off. Now i’m really in a pickle… suggestions?

  343. THANKS! My spacebar just fell off and I couldn’t figure out how to fix it! I have to take an exam on it in two days and was freaking out! Thanks!

  344. David

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  345. cheers mate – you just saved my mate killing me & my cat [he jumped on his keyboard!]

  346. julee

    ok, but what if the key cap assembly KEEPS falling off? can i use crazy glue or something?

  347. cj2600


    ok, but what if the key cap assembly KEEPS falling off? can i use crazy glue or something?

    Try replacing both the cap and the retainer (small hinges under the cap).

  348. thanks so much it worked like a charm!

  349. Wow, glad I found this website! Thanks! worked like a charm

  350. Mike McNamara


    One of my key caps came of on my Dell D820 and the Key Retainer is broken. Any idea where I can get one on line?

    Great web site.

  351. Justin

    Thanks a bundle! I kept trying to put the key cap with retainer already attached on. Great photos too. Firm but gentle and your very clear guide did the trick on my Pangolin from system76.

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    Every blessings

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  358. I was stuck fixing my laptop key for hours and hours. Gosh I should have visited this website before hand. With this website I fixed the problem in 5 mins.

    Thanks a Ton!

  359. To anyone who needs to get new key parts, the link the author tells you to click points to eBay. If for some reason the link doesn’t work just go the main eBay site and type relevant keywords into their search engine.

    I got my new key pieces this way and saved myself from having to send my laptop away to HP for them to replace the whole keyboard.

  360. super111

    This is an awesome article, thanks for helping me fixing my keyboard!

  361. Thanks so much! By following these steps, I figured out that the retainer under the “1” key had been damaged when my cat jumped on it, and that’s why I couldn’t reattach the key. I borrowed the retainer from underneath That Key next to ALT that I never used anyway. “1” key is in good working order. Thanks again.

  362. FYI, the “useless” key is not “useless” at all. It’s the menu key. It acts as a right click when something is selected, so if you click on a file and press that button, it will have the same effect as right clicking. I use it daily.

  363. cj2600


    FYI, the “useless” key is not “useless” at all. I use it daily.

    Could be. But I don’t use this key at all. So, for me the key is useless. :)

  364. Thanks sooo much cj2600!! My “t” key fell of with the brace still on but the small metal hinge to hold on the brace was faced up so it was not catching. After looking at these pics I removed the “y” key and found what the metal hinge looked like, this really helped, very happy now!! Thanks once again

  365. justin

    thanks man! my W key is working again. although it took me 2 hours as i only had n steak knife and big hands to work with.

  366. Bonnie Talcott

    I’m sorry this isnt about this item.
    I was wondering if you could get or at least tell me where I can get the plastic thing/retainer? under a lost keybord key? My daughter had a fit and knocked off 3 keys. I have them all but my dumb dog ate the clip. All I need is the plastic thing and Toshiba says I have to replace the whole keyboard. It a Toshiba P205 Any help is appreciated and I understand if you can’t help.
    Thankyou very much, Bonnie Talcott

    The one’s here aren’t the right ones

  367. My problem is a little different–my spacebar juststuck after cleaning the laptop and doesn’t work now (I am copy/pasting spaces in).

    I tried but can’t pop the spacebar off and didn’t want to force it–any thoughts as to what I could do short of attaching an external keyboard?? I can’t copy/paste forever.This is a Gateway laptop.

  368. Jasmine


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    i am so thankful for this website.
    i was doing all this stuff and my space key didn’t workk.
    but then i read how to do it here and its working like i just bought a new key.
    thank you soo much

  370. cj2600

    Bonnie Talcott,

    I was wondering if you could get or at least tell me where I can get the plastic thing/retainer? It a Toshiba P205

    You can buy a single retainer for your Satellite P205 laptop here.

  371. Christine Ryan

    This was a FANTASTIC help! Genius!

  372. Bob Taylor

    Thank you so much for your most helpful instructions. You saved my day. My young son pryed off 3 or 4 buttons and I thought I was headed to the local electronics store maintenance dept. Your pictures were clear and your instructions succinct. You are a blessing.

  373. Marni Chediak

    DITTO to 384 Bob Taylor! These instructions saved my sanity. My 2.5 year old just removed the “M” and “O” keys this afternoon and I was not a happy mommy until now! Thank you thank you!

  374. tks for the tip – i was panicking for a bit, until i found this. sometimes it’s a bit more difficult to snap back the key on the retainer, but at least knowing the theory helped me do it. tks

  375. nickolas g

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  376. Thanks! You saved me a lot of awkward keystrokes!

  377. one of my keys is stu_k and i _ant use it. i _ant get it off or put it on properly. what do i do???

  378. Laserbeak43

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  379. Jessica K.

    Hi can you help me with my keyboard on my laptop i pushed some buttons on mistake and know some keys work and some dont im using an on screen keyboard to write this. this is what happens when i press a button nHY^ that was only one button and 3 letters came can you please help?

  380. Hi im just wondering if any one knows how to type an @ symbol if it isnt working. is there any other way apart from using shift?

  381. Hi, please could you tell me what glue you used to fix the silicone membrane back onto the keyboard? I’ve heard that there is a “special” glue I’m supposed to use. Any idea? Or is superglue just fine to use if done sparingly?


  382. Mark,

    Hi im just wondering if any one knows how to type an @ symbol if it isnt working. is there any other way apart from using shift?

    I guess you can enable On-Screen keyboard.
    For Windows XP: Start button – Accessories – Accessibility – On-Screen Keyboard.

  383. Mit,

    Hi, please could you tell me what glue you used to fix the silicone membrane back onto the keyboard? I’ve heard that there is a “special” glue I’m supposed to use. Any idea? Or is superglue just fine to use if done sparingly?

    I’m not sure about a “special” glue. I used just a little bit of regular $1 superglue and it worked fine for me. I guess you can use any universal glue just use it sparingly.

  384. Jennifer

    Well, it started with the backspace key. Now it’s the backspace and enter key lol. But I’m gonna keep going. THanks for the tip!

  385. Yenaeos Lykos WolfClaw

    Thank you so much! My backspace key fell off while I was investigating why the backspace key wouldn’t work. It works fine now that I put it on correctly. Thank you!

  386. use the on screen keyboard in windows to type the @

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  391. Two kids who love PBSKIDS.org, one toddler who likes pulling keys off and a distracted mom trying to make lunch= three loose keys and one broken retainer clip. The pictures were helpful and the idea to use a “useless” key great. Thank you!

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    My spacebar fell off and when I just out it back on it would only press on the middle
    then I found your instructions and followed them and now it’s easy again

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  402. A very simple and effective explanation. I never thought I would find out about the membrane.

    Some water spilled on my laptop keyboard, after taking several keys off and blasting them with the hairdryer…one key was still looking worse for wear. The “z” key had what looked like water inside, but I couldn’t tell if it was water or silicone :S… anyway…I cut the membrane off with my girly fingernails and then dried the water out. VOILA!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for this brilliant user guide

  403. I broke the withe little pieces ToT I don’t have down arrow anymore….

  404. Poor Guy


    You saved my life. My son pulled out a key (and all the multiple pieces user it) to eternity, when I was working on my WIFE’s laptop.

    Would have gone without dinner tonite. Thanks for ALLLLL the help.



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    Thanks again.

  406. thanks so much. I struggled for fifteen minutes trying by myself, and fixed it in 5 seconds after I read your post.

  407. Oh noes, my keyboard

    When I first ‘accidentally’ broke the key board, i was scared because the computer wasnt mine, it was my dad’s.
    I was afraid he’d beat me with a stick if he saw it.
    But i found ur website and fixed it b4 he came.

  408. Hi my baby pulled one of my keys off and broke the the corner on the metal clips that is on the laptop.. can this be replaced?

  409. Sorabh Saxena

    Dell Latitude D520
    Key O which pulled out myself :( trying too much to clean the small grain which i felt went in betwee, i struggeld so hard to figure this out, but to tell you the truth reading through this didnt help much because there werent any four hooks on my laptop, anybody facing issue of such kind with the above laptop. Check the above pics and see how to build a retainer,also remember the key goes last and it HAS TO SNAP to get affixed, but since in the above laptop there are no 4 hooks, there is one hook in the top center and 2 hooks on the bottom half of the key. first fix the top center, which i couldnt make the plastic hook go underneath it, i didnt have any tools and i almost mauled the plastic strip, scare that if it breaks i am done for, i had a presentation and i dont know what would i do. So i used a kitchen knife and gently i mean GENTLY wrenched the top centre metal hook just enough so i can slide the top of the plastic retainer under neath it, i used the same knife to bend the hook back on the plastic, there that was the trickiset part. Then slide the other retainer around and over the one beneath, attach them on their middles, and you would notice the retainer which is underneath the metal hook you just tightened upon is now putting its legs up in the air for you to slide the key on top of it and press to hear the magical sound of Snap !…:) . thanks for the post above , may god bless you.


  410. steve,

    Hi my baby pulled one of my keys off and broke the the corner on the metal clips that is on the laptop.. can this be replaced?

    Man! Your baby is strong! :)
    I think you’ll have to replace the whole keyboard.

  411. Thank you so much! My X key fell for some stupid reason a couple months ago and I fought with it for awhile, got fed up and gave up so I have been pressing on the little black button ever since… Got tired of it today, found your wedsite and got it snapped back on in no time, thank you for fixing my frustration!

  412. mine is a panasonic touchbook laptop…and my spacebar fell off;how do i fix it?:(Pls help me!!

  413. thank you!

  414. You totally saved me! I missed the metal retainer bar on the space key and your instructions shined light on it.

  415. “Q” popped off while wiping down the laptop, I just about had a stroke… first return on Google and the photos are excellent, thanks so much!!! qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq :-) works great again

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  421. Thanks, it worked on one of my keys but it still doesn’t work on the End key.

  422. My Z key popped off my Toshiba laptop and the retainers were all jacked up but I was able to fix it thanks to your photos.
    Thank you so much!

  423. my hp pavilion dv6000 right shift has dropped off and i cant put it back

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    I cleaned them with air but only two responded. the d and the 3. The silicone knobs on all keys had all been detached from the base. This did not seem to affect the operation of the two I fixed.
    I am considering getting a new keyboard. Are there any special tips regarding removing and replacing keyboards for the 1201 Compaq?

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  549. Thanks. Same story here: 1-yr-old with amazing speed popped off the CTRL key. Key retainter junk was not intuitive to reassemble until I saw the components shown in your photos, which helped me confirm that I wasn’t dealing with broken or missing parts, so I popped of the ALT key for a point of reference. Interestingly, the ALT key assembly was turned 90 degrees versus the CTRL key.

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    (It was the Pg Dn key so it was very easy to fix)

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    How can i fix this?

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  588. Thanks for showing me how toget a key back on. An arrow key came off my HP computer and at first I was trying to snap it back on with the retain connected to the actual key instead of it being connected to the keyboard. Mission accomplished! The computer had just passed the 2 year warranty.

    Very Grateful,

  589. Just remember to try both ways (up/down) when attaching the key retainer.

    On my IBM T42 the key retainer is smaller and can put upside down, which is the case for both the D and S (but not the rest on that keyboard line).

  590. Bob Mitchell

    Just fixed the spacebar on my Toshiba Satelleite M300 using the instructions here. One end of the spacebar had come loose, and I couldn’t see how it was held on without removing it. The article had excellent graphics that explained how to remove then refit the spacebar. Thanks very much guys.

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  592. My tab key fell off. I tried to follow directions above but I noticed the tab and caps lock look different from the reg keys shown in diagram above.

  593. I fixed the TAB button!!!

    But I broke theCaps lock!

    This time one of thr\e two metal hooks on the right bent and broke off. Now what do I do?? Any thoughts?

  594. I have a Dell Inspiron 700m. I pulled apart my comma key because a piece of food fell into the cracks…i cant get the damn key back on…it wont snap back in!!1 help…im scared to pull off another key because i might not be able to get it back on and i dont want 2 keys w/o a shell!

  595. Vikram Gade

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  596. hi, thanks so much for this, it was my stupid dog also knocked the Alt key, thanks for stoppin my stressing!

  597. On my 1yr old HP laptop, the number seven key popped off.. the retainer still on the keyboard, got my mag. glass, and neon sun flashlight, only to discover, one of the (tiniest to mankind , I’m sure) tabs at the bottom of inside retainer, (there are two one on left and one on right) broke.. I can get they key back on and use it, but it keeps popping off again. can i get just the plastic retainer parts somewhere?

  598. samantha

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    tomorrow i will look at my space bar on my toshiba…today it was the acer w and e keys…

  599. I redid my space bar but for some reason it won’t bounce like the rest of the keyboard, and it makes a ‘space’ just by touching it. what should ido

  600. I have a gateway laptop and the key with the window’s symbol popped off and i can’t get it back on. I can get most of it back on except for one little part that hooks underneath and i can’t get that on.

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    caps lock can be press down, but i have to press it down very hard in order for it to work. left shift wouldn’t go down, when pressed. the same thing goes for left control, left window. and my left alt is the same as caps lock.

    i also noticed for the non-moving(that wouldn’t go down) keys, when i turn the keyboard upside down, those keys pop up. when i return it to the original position, they go back down.

    can someone teach me how to replace the key caps? my keyboard is a bit different than the ones pictured. only the key caps fell off. i tried replacing them many times, but results aren’t good.

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  641. Thank you for this tutorial! I’m not handy at all and had been trying to put it back together without taking it apart… A very frustrating endeavor. Turns out I’d busted my retainer, and pinching the parts from an unused key did the trick! Having my ‘R’ key back is a huge relief, and I couldn’t have done it without you. :]

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  644. Claudia,

    im just wondering if it is nesessary to use crazy glue to stick the key back into the keyboard.

    If nothing is broken, the key should snap back in without any glue. If it’s not snapping back in, apparently something is broken. If that’s the case, using the glue will not help, you’ll just make a mess.
    Take a closer look at the key and retainer and find which part is broken. Search for a replacement.


  646. i snaped of the key retainer off but i cant get it to got back in and stay please help

  647. I have a Microsoft 4000 wireless keyboard/mouse. The space bar came off the keyboard and I cannot put it back on so it has a spring to it. the picture you showed wasn’t like the spacebar I have. All I have are the spacebar and the wire that attaches to it. Do you have a picture for that type of keyboard?

  648. Robert

    The letter q on my Dell Latitude D620 integrated keyboard all of a sudden stopped responding — doesn’t type. I looked under the key and everything looks in place (although perhaps uni_uely, there is a factory drilled hole in the metal platform under this particular key). What can I do to fix this? Overseas, far from a computer shop. Thanks.

  649. cj2600


    The letter q on my Dell Latitude D620 integrated keyboard all of a sudden stopped responding — doesn’t type. I looked under the key and everything looks in place

    There is not much you can do to fix the keyboard.
    You’ll have to buy a new keyboard and replace it. It’s not difficult.

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    so could you please tell me how to take the retainers off the fallen key!!!

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  658. cj2600

    dan the marine,

    i spilled liquid on the keyboard of a toshiba laptop. many keys are not responding. any idea the price too change out the keyboard plus the part?

    What is your laptop name and model number? If the laptop was sold in the USA, I can help you to find the part number and maybe point to the right disassembly instructions.

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    I had a key pop off as well as the retainer. I put the retainer together and put it back on the keyboard. However I have spent an hour trying to get the cap to pop on it. Is there something I should do that isn’t mentioned to make it pop on?

    gatorbate1 AT hotmail DOT com

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    Rick D.

  664. Just the other day, my “V” key from my laptop fell off and the key retainer is still on the key, but the problem is the four points, two points of the right side is broken and the left side is still fine.
    What do i do? I know you would suggest to get a replacement keyboard, but is there a way if I can buy just a new key retainer?

  665. cj2600


    I know you would suggest to get a replacement keyboard, but is there a way if I can buy just a new key retainer?

    Did you search on eBay. Some sellers sell replacement keys with the retainer.

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    However I had already contacted tech support as its under warranty. This was the third time this computer keyboard had developed this fault and each time they simply replaced the keyboard.

    This time when I reported it they told me as I had had so much trouble (hard drive failed last year and RJ45 became loose requiring a new motherboard 4mths ago) they would totally replace the entire laptop. In addition, as the model in question was no longer in production, I got a free upgrade.

    From an AMD Turion 2.13 to an Intel Core 2 slightly faster, 2GB ram to 4GB, 60GB hard drive to 250GB and a dual layer DVD writer wheras the current one has a CD writer/DVD player. In addition its got goodies like built in bluetooth.

    However it kinda seemed they werent too keen on getting this discontinued model back and it seems not only do I get the new one I get to keep the “ahem”, broken one… quick google search brought me here and I’ve fixed the original problem of a key coming off

    So, hurrah, and many thanks. This ones been a real pleasure.

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    I have a Ibm T40 Thinkpad and the “b” key does not work at all…it doesn’t stick, it doesn’t slide, its not stuck…it just does not work…is there any way to try to clean off connections in order to maybe possibly have it work…

    I afraid you’ll have to replace the keyboard. I don’t know any other way to fix the problem.

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  702. i have a toshiba laptop with a keyboard like the one show in silver. the h key popped off and i cannot get it to seat properly. should i take the retainer off and set it first and then push the key on or does it stay on the key and just get pushed down?

    thank you

  703. cj2600


    should i take the retainer off and set it first and then push the key on

    That’s the right order.
    1. Remove the retainer from the key.
    2. Attach the retainer to the keyboard.
    3. Push the key on the retainer.

    or does it stay on the key and just get pushed down?

    You can break the retainer this way.

  704. thanks but it still is seating properly and the retainer does not look altered or broken in any way.the top of the “h” key is loose. if you don’t hit the key right on center but rather towards the top it pops up.

  705. cj2600


    and the retainer does not look altered or broken in any way.the top of the “h” key is loose. if you don’t hit the key right on center but rather towards the top it pops up.

    Apparently, the retainer IS broken. Otherwise the key would stay attached to the retainer.
    If you wish, you can remove the cap from another key and take a closer look at the good retainer and compare it with a bad one.

  706. yeppers…i just realized that the tiny ittle notch on the top left is gone. i’ll have to check my other tosihba laptop and see if the clip is the same. tanks. lol

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  708. I’ve tried the steps of situation 1 but when I snap the key back it stays ‘up’ somehow. It’s like if two of the points that connect the retainer to the keyboard doesn’t hold the retainer… Any ideas? Am I doing something wrong?

  709. arunvel


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  715. cj2600


    Every time i put the key on it sticks up ? As if there are two joints can you help me with that

    Sorry, I do not understand the problem you are experiencing.

  716. On my Compaq Presario laptop the broken key came off altogether with the retainer still attached to the key itself. The problem seems to be that two of the points where the retainer attaches to the keyboard itself have broken off. Any ideas?

    honestly wikkihow disnt help at all, ur amazing!!!

  718. cj2600


    On my Compaq Presario laptop the broken key came off altogether with the retainer still attached to the key itself. The problem seems to be that two of the points where the retainer attaches to the keyboard itself have broken off.

    That happens a lot. You’ll have to replace the retainer. Search for a new key on eBay, it’s possible you can find a new one with the retainer attached.

  719. Thanks! ‘V’ key fell off today, and this definitely aided in my fixing it!

  720. My Q key felt today from Toshiba keyboard laptop just like the 2nd keyboard here but i am not able to fix it !!!! every time i put it , i cant get it to get stable ! specially from above !

  721. cj2600


    My Q key felt today from Toshiba keyboard laptop just like the 2nd keyboard here but i am not able to fix it !!!! every time i put it , i cant get it to get stable ! specially from above !

    One of the retainers is broken and the key will not stay connected to it. You’ll have to replace the broken retainer.

  722. Bobb999

    Your excellent post gave me sufficient hints that I was able to restore my HP/Compaq’s “Z” key back to it’s rightful place! My meddlesome cat pulled the key off this AM, with one deft hook from one sharp claw.

    After the cat’s misdeed, one part of the 2-part plastic retainer (the round-ish part)was still attached to the key itself. The other half of the retainer (the more rectangular part)had come loose from both key and keyboard.

    I never would have figured it out without taking your advice to carefully remove another key,and use it as a template or model to refer to in restoring the key assembly that flew apart. I soon realized I would need to remove the retainer piece that was attached to the key, and reassemble both parts onto the keyboard, not the key.

    One must find out which side is the correct “up” side for each retainer part (I found one side is flatter than the other in each case). And also ascertain which is the top and bottom end in each case. Neither of these parts is symmetrical. Each has a correct top and bottom end, and an up and down side.

    With the aid of a magnifying glass,an ultra-mini screwdriver tool to help move pieces into place (rather than to screw screws), plus fingers, I went to work.
    I attached the round-ish piece first. It attaches to the keyboard at two points at the top of the part.
    Next, I attached the rectangular piece. It attaches to the board at two points at the bottom of the piece. The undisturbed template retainer I used as my model showed me how the two parts fit into each other. It took a little fiddling and squeezing to get the two parts to fit into each other properly, while remaining attached to the keyboard properly. But persistence won out, and now my two retainers (the model one,and newly repaired one) both looked and behaved identically when inspected.

    I prayed that I had it right, but feared I might end up with not just one, but two keys that would no longer attach to the keyboard!

    Fortunately,snapping the two keys back into place was the simplest and quickest part of the process! They easily snapped back in immediately. No coaxing required. The two keys seem
    solid, good as new!

    I noticed online other people’s useless advice on how to repair detached keys. e.g. “just push down and the key will snap back into place”. Yeah right. This of course won’t work in the case of plastic retainer parts becoming detached from the board, and from each other.

    I appreciate your helpful tips!

  723. Bobb999

    I’d like to add for the person who says they have a Compaq Presario laptop and had a key come off with a piece of the retainer still attached to the key. That’s exactly the model laptop I have, and my key also came loose with a piece of retainer attached.

    But you may be mistaken in thinking that the key won’t snap back in because the retainer has bits broken off it (unlikely, imo).

    First you’ll need to remove the retainer piece from the key. The two parts of the plastic retainer need to be reassembled onto the keyboard itself, not the key. So long as you still have the two parts, you should be able to reassemble them.

    Please read my prior post to see in detail how I was able to successfully reassemble the two parts of my retainer and fix my detached HP/Compaq Presario’s key. Good luck!

  724. Hey,I have a labtop that recently lost a key (number seven key). My computer is an Acer labtop (Windows) and it has two notches on the bottum and one notch on the top,so it’s different from the one you did on the exampe to fix a broken key. I need help to fix this so it would be very nice if you could help me. Thanks.

  725. Jennifer

    I have the same laptop as tyler april 2o,2009 3:15pm and I cannot get the bottom of the key to snap back on! This isnt my laptop and I have to fix it ASAP!!! Please help
    Acer aspire 5315-2326 intel celeron processor 550

  726. I have an Acer too.
    You must first connect the two retaining pieces together, by inserting the small one into the little swivel holes in the big one.

    Like advised here, carefully lift off another key to see how to connect everything. Then you connect the little on to the little clips on the keyboard, and after that you will be able to connect the big one onto its clips, and then snap the key right back on.

  727. deathactually

    I also have an Acer -Aspire 5610z mae sure you position the key correctly – it has go to frther down the keyboard (towards ) than you thinkand try to get all four to click in at once. Also EVERYBODY note that the key retainer’s middle part at the bottom has a thick and a thin side – the thin side ofthe holes has to be on top in order for the hooks to fit over the clip

    front on thin part at bottom of hole thin side up
    _ _
    ||_ _||
    || ||
    || ||

    cross section thin part at bottom
    into computer <–||
    -||\ |</ <– it goes up and then bends towards space

    Apart from this wow!! eally good wouldn’t have known what to do

  728. deathactually

    Apologies for what turned out to be sheer graffiti!
    the point is the hook coes up out of the computer base and bends towards space, and the thin part must be so that it is on the bottome with the empty space on top so that he hook which is a bit ‘fat’ can hook over it.
    Do the bottom of the retainer first while bending it and then flatten it and snap the top two on

  729. My kid popped out 2 of the keys…Thanks for u guys! I replaced within couple of mins!

  730. jordan

    i have the tosihba satalite L300 and on the letter a part of the clip has broken of and they say you need to buy a full keyboard not just the letter a and it donsent come under warnntry so it is £30 at pc world and at toshiba it is 35 pounds just to deliver it there what can i do i still have the letter a

  731. helpful hint

    also. the little tabs on the side of the inner piece. they need to be inside the little groove for them. if not the key will not snap on correctly

  732. cj2600


    You can disassemble another key you don’t use, for example the right ALT key and install it instead of A key.

  733. Teresa

    I have an acer notebook and the home key came off. The little brace piece isnt a full square, one wall isnt there (supposed to be that way) I dont see any way on here to get it back on. Help please

  734. Paul Kern

    Your instructions worked Great, and fixed in 5 minutes! Thanks!

    I had this problem with my IBM laptop from work a year ago. The Desktop Support guy at work said to call IBM support, who sent me a new keyboard and we replaced the whole thing. If I had found your site then I could have saved a whole lot of time (and expense to IBM :-)

    Much Appreciated!

  735. justin

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  736. Anna

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  738. toby constable

    thank you so so much! the key retainer parts were not properly attaching after i took them out because i spilt a bit of water on my arrow keys and they needed wiping. absolute life saver :):)

  739. Jesse

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  742. Keri

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    thanks so much my toddler pulled off the key and bent the part that the key fitted to, without your help i would ofhad to tell my OH, and I fixed it all myself with your instructions.

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    Thanks so much for this information!!! My laptop keyboard is slightly different from the one shown in the diagram, (Dell Inspiron 7500), so the retainer isn’t quite the same as the one shown above, but similar enough. I thought I’d have to take my computer to a repair shop and wait for a few days, but I was able to fix a key that’s been broken for a week!

    Thanks again!

  746. Where do i find individual keys to purchase for my laptop? My number 8 key is not fixable because the latches on the key itself broke off. I don’t really want to have to trade it with another key, i would just like it replaced. Know any good websites where I can find that or places I can purchase just the number 8 key?

  747. cj2600


    Know any good websites where I can find that or places I can purchase just the number 8 key?

    Did you read through the entire post? Under the picture 5 I posted a link to the eBay store where you can buy individual keys.

  748. Heather

    Thank you – your pictures and instructions really helped me when my daughters book slipped and landed on my keyboard last night popping off 2 keys. I stayed cool, but inside I was totally bummed. It was not the easiest task, but with patience and your site I was able to snap the keys back on. I really appreciate this.

  749. nitin

    Whenever I use thefollowing keys the impressin is as under
    key marked as the impression is
    ” @
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    ~ ¬
    Please let me know how to set this right

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    thhank you


  757. cj2600


    Is this just me, or my keboard? I’ve tried so hard, over and over to get my L key back into place. I’ve followed all the instructions, but it doesn’t seem to snap.

    Take a closer look at the retainer and key itself. Apparently one of them is broken.

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  760. cj2600


    I’ve done all the steps & its not as easy as “click it into place” My “A” key wont fix, the key retainer wont clip or click into wit the key

    Take a closer look at the retainer and back side of the key, maybe one of them is broken.

  761. Stephen

    I had the same problem with my num lock key. I couldn’t get it to snap into place until I noticed that the little metal hooks on the keyboard were slightly bent (squashed by my 2 year old). Because of this the keyboard not accept the key retainer. I just bent the hook back into place with a small screwdriver and everything snapped into place.

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    Looking around on the net, every keyboard tutorial I see.. the key does not have this swiveling little bar?

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    thanks for the articles. the pics are excellent

  780. David G

    Brilliant, thanks very much. I removed my space bar to clean beneath it and I couldn’t get it to work properly until eventually finding your advice that the metal rod in the spacebar needs to hook under the plastic restraints in the keyboard. Many thanks. David, UK.

  781. Heather Dudley

    Now, is there some kind of trickto resnapping the key cap? My baby popped the “z” key off (at least she chose the single letter I use the least) and now I can’t get it back on.I see how it works (it’s identical to the one in your pictures, but I just can’t figure out how to make it snap back into place. I’ve positioned it every way I can think of, and I even hear it “click” – but a couple of vigorous taps, and it’s crooked and unattached again. nothing appears to be broken… I think I just suck at this. By the way… thanks for your incredibly timely post!

  782. cj2600

    Heather Dudley,

    Take a closer look at the retainer assembly. Maybe it’s broken?

  783. Tony W.

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    It requires several unsuccessful and clutsy attempts. Don’t give up. Thank you, thank you.

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  785. Amanda

    I saw somebody posted a reply about the black little rubber/silicone things under the keys… but I hadn’t found a reply to it.

    My space bar fell off and there is only one black rubber thing under it, and I can’t find the other. Can I order more somewhere? I haven’t been able to find them, and my space bar will not work on my laptop now.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated. It’s an HP Pavillion. Thanks!

  786. Please help, I can get my A key back on however it requires a lot of pressure to get the key to register, and if I push too hard it just comes off.

    Is there any solution to this problem? I followed all of the instructions and got the retainer and stuff on..

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  789. Help! I have an hp sd ms pro mmc sm xd with a faulty N key, but the problem is not the key or the mounting clip assembly but one of the little metal slots it all snaps into has sheared off so the key bobs up and down at its head. How do I go about fixing it?

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  792. cj2600


    I have an hp sd ms pro mmc sm xd with a faulty N key, but the problem is not the key or the mounting clip assembly but one of the little metal slots it all snaps into has sheared off so the key bobs up and down at its head. How do I go about fixing it?

    I don’t think you can fix it. You’ll have to replace the whole keyboard.

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  796. Can you glue a key back on? =-].

  797. Can you buy keys anywere? i burned my G-key. but it’s connected horizontally while all other keys are connected vertically (except for H). But switching the H to G doesn’t make very much sence of course.

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    it still works
    but is quite annoying, any ideas ?

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  811. Ron Baxter

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    Thank you.

  813. I did what you said and now my spacebar is too tight. I dont know how to fix it. What do you suggest?

  814. My shift key came off of my laptop (Thinkpad T23) and I cannot get it back in. Is there a website with pictures that can guide me? or can you help me? your advice above was not applicable to me.

    Many thanks

  815. Hi,thanks for your very helpful instructions and images. My dog managed to flip the Caps Lock key off of my Dell laptop when my daughter was doing her homework on the floor. Don’t ask, I have no idea!
    I was scared of taking another key off incase the same thing happened so I spent many frustrating days trying to figure out the way the retainer sat. Now I have a functioning Caps Lock again.

  816. Superb – Thanks for providing this information. Very useful.

    My little naughty daughter took three key caps out. I tried to fit them back but couldn’t. Did a google search, got this page and I could fit those caps back. Its all because of the nice explanation by you. Thanks again.


  817. What if it doesn’t just “click” in? The top half of the key is in place, but the bottom clip won’t click into place?

  818. cj2600


    What if it doesn’t just “click” in? The top half of the key is in place, but the bottom clip won’t click into place?

    Take a closer look at the bottom part of the key and clip. Maybe one of them is broken.

  819. magicyte

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  821. EkkuZakku

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  822. Kevin Rampling

    That key you put in the place of the U is a right click key…

  823. Thanx so so very much could not have done it without your instruction. As you pointed out there is no universal guide. On my Acer D250 Netbook the outer part of the retainer (right hand piece on your first pic) is a “U” shape. Therefore assembly appears to be able to be assembled in reverse. It was not until I assembled the retainer and keypad together the off the laptop that I realised I was trying the do it back to front.
    An off computer assemble of the parts could be a good tip to add. But seriously would not have got that far without your help. Thanx again…….

  824. cj2600


    what if the retainer is inside the key cap

    1. Separate the retainer from the key cap.
    2. Connect the retainer to the keyboard.
    3. Snap the key cap on the retainer.

  825. Joseph

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  832. The key retainer pins broke on my dell laptop,
    anyone know where i can buy the replacements??

    the key was loose and i was wondering why, now i know.


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    You really helped me out!

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    toshiba satellite l355-s7902

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    And as somebody said above, the screenshots are excellent and a huge help. Thanks again!!!

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  869. cj2600

    mark silverstein,

    The other missing key does (will) not work when the membrane in pushed.

    I guess it’s time to replace the keyboard. I don’t think that you can fix it.

  870. This was soooo useful. I fixed my Sony Vaio Laptop using method 1. The most important tip is to take another key apart and see how that one is assembled so you can assemble the broken one.

    I now have this website bookmarked and will recommend this to everyone. ^^

  871. Excellent instructions! Does anyone know where I can get a MEMBRANE? The membrane under my left mouse key on my laptop seems to be broken. The top is off of it and the part the top rests on seems to be irreparably smooshed!

  872. Morten Brodersen

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  873. Hayley


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    thank you (:

  874. Chuck Edwards

    I’m looking for a replacement keypad button

    Specifically the “Enter” button (gray plastic cover that goes on top of the button)

    For a Gateway M-6332 laptop

    If I can’t get the button cover, where can I get a replacement keypad? $$ ?

  875. hyperdelirium

    What if a key fell off, as well as the key retainer, and the points that would hold it on seem to be… ineffective? And/or one of them broke off? And snapping it back on does nothing and it continues to come back off every time?

  876. cj2600


    What if a key fell off, as well as the key retainer, and the points that would hold it on seem to be… ineffective? And/or one of them broke off? And snapping it back on does nothing and it continues to come back off every time?

    You’ll have to replace the keyboard. If one of the metal hooks is broken, you will not be able to attach the key.

  877. cj2600

    chick Edwards,

    You can search for this button on eBay and if there is no luck, replace the whole keyboard.

  878. Jack Deegan

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  881. the person

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  882. Can I just say that when you pass, someone needs to nominate you for Sainthood? I’ve been living without a down arrow button for almost two years. Thanks to you, I now have a down button again (the membrane was gone as well, and that had me stymied). THANK YOU.

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    believe it or not i caught my arrow key on my fingernail (while i was typing) and pulled it right off — came here hoping for answers — and seeing the pictures for the “spacebar” helped me put the “puzzle of a retainer” back together and back on the board!!! now it works perfectly again!!

  885. pjvisitor

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  887. By popping the key next to the troubled one, I found the missing clip under the other keys–bonus! Thanks.

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  889. Thank you so much for posting this! My 1/! key fell off this morning with the retainer piece intact, situation 1 (<—typed perfectly!) helped me fix it inside 10 minutes, no doubt saving me an expensive trip to Best Buy!

    Imma save this in my favorites just incase it happens again ! (:

  891. Stephanie

    Thanks! My son broke off the U key and retainer clip this morning….while I am waiting for my order from ebay for new retainer clips I found this and decided to borrow a reatiner clip from another unused key.

    BUT my U is still tight instead of springy- any tips? I have an HP Pavilion ze4500

  892. Brittany C

    Oh thank you so much! I spent the last hour trying to repair my spacebar, and finally resorted to looking up tips on google. Within a few minutes of reading this my spacebar was working again! I about died. Thank you!

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  894. So is fixing the enter key the same as fixing the space bar? i can’t figure out how to get it, my husband and I worked on it forever, and we can’t seem to fix it ourselves

  895. for some reason, even though I have all the parts, this just doesn’t work for me…nor the people at geek squad… I have an HP dv2000 and the retainer is stuck to the keyboard??? so I thought I could just press the key back on… apparently no. I was able to kind of get one half of it to stick, but its only part on and wabbly?!
    any ideas?… because geek squad want to charge me a whopping $35 to send it back to HP to get a new keyboard!!! ps, all the parts are there.

  896. I need helpp my backspace button fell off my laptop but the retainer is still on the keyboard. What Should I Do?

  897. I have an HP2700. If the person who posted before me has the same keyboard that I do…. the reason it didn’t work is because the key retainers work differently.

    The key retainers cross over in the middle and where they cross, there are two pegs on one and two holes on the other. Before you put them back onto the keyboard, you have to make sure that the pegs end up back in the holes before you put it on the keyboard.

    To complicate matters, the retainers don’t have the same “four points” as in the picture. The one with the holes has two notches that catch at the top. The one with the pegs has ONE notch that catches at the bottom.

    The way I got it to work is this:

    Get the pegs back into the holes by gently stretching the key retainer with the holes. The two retainers will then form an “X”. The retainer with the pegs will connect to the keyboard on bottom and closest to the space bar. The retainer with the holes will connect to the keyboard on the top and the closest to the monitor.

    Once you get them connected to each other, then slide the retainer with the notches into place. Note that I say “slide” NOT “press”. Once it’s in place, use your finger nail or some tweezers to gently pull the other end into place.

    It took several tries to get it done correctly…and it was slow go and took patience. But, it’s possible!

  898. Thank you!! It worked so well! Exactly what I needed!!

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  900. I searched the responses on the sight but could not see the response for fixing the shift key on a Lenovo laptop. My 9 month old son ripped the Shift key off on the left side of the keyboard. Thankfully the pieces did not break, but I am not able to “snap” the key back into place…

    What would be the trick to making this happen? Do I need to press harder? I am afraid of breaking the key.

  901. Christina

    My backspace key was shifting and hard to use. I fiddled around with it, and it fell off! There is a little metal bar on the back, and on the actual area it goes there are two black thingies to put it through–but it seems that there’s nothing to hold that in place. I have a Compaq laptop. Any help?

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    You are lucky. It’s not always possible to make the keyboard work after liquid spill. In most cases you have to replace the keyboard.

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    It’s not a PC board. I did that and it worked for me. I guess you can use epoxy instead of superglue.

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  987. Superglue is dangerous stuff here. Better use another type. Superglue stings in the eye because non-cured glue sends vapors out. These vapors settle in the surroundings, combines with water molecules and thus cure. This will leave a thin isolation layer on the conductive pcb traces so that the key may not work any more. This is valid only if it is a conductive membrane that shall register the keypress. If there is a sheet below the membrane that makes the contact, it may work. But in general, never use superglue close to any keyboard.

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  1003. angel,

    i followed the instructions on how to fix the key & the problem was the key retainer is broken, it can’t hold.. so my problem now is i wanna buy a new retainer but i dont know what’s the size, my notebook is an HP tx2-1025dx..

    If you cannot find the retainer, just buy the whole new keyboard. It’s only $29.50 on eBay with free shipping. A single key with retainer might cost you about $5-6.

  1004. Metzgermeister

    I have a Toshiba Satellite 5205-S703. 5 keys of the keyboard is dead! So they’re makaing nothing. Can I use to fix it on of theese methods?

  1005. Metzgermeister,

    I have a Toshiba Satellite 5205-S703. 5 keys of the keyboard is dead! So they’re makaing nothing. Can I use to fix it on of theese methods?

    Do you mean these keys are not working at all?
    Most likely the keyboard is bad. There is a chance of bad keyboard controller on the motherboard.
    1. Try reconnecting the keyboard cable to the motherboard. Maybe it’s just bad connection.
    2. Try replacing the keyboard.
    3. If you still experience the same problem after replacing the keyboard, most likely this is motherboard related problem. You’ll have to replace the motherboard.

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    All keyboards are different. There are some key installation guides on YouTube but I cannot tell which one is good for you because you didn’t mention the laptop model number.

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    This is a great service to others.
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    I have remove it from the unit, remove the aluminium folder in the back. (It is used for shieldering purpose).
    Then I have placed the Keyboard in a WARM basket with water and a tiny quantity of soap. (I have washed it)
    I have also pass in under the running water of a sink faucet.(some water under pressure remove garbit)
    Then I have leave it on a heater for several days (one week) to make sure that it dry completely.
    To replace the aluminium folder, I have use some double face tape and a piece of alumium used by my wife for cooking.

    Now I have a nicely working kb.

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    I ended up using that useless key’s retainers for the B key. Luckily I still had the cap, so it works as normal, but my keyboard still looks odd.

  1056. For those with the shift key issue, I managed to get mine back on by leaving the bar attached to the key then slipping the ends of the bar into the loops on the keyboard. Then I pressed the key down and wiggled it back and forth a bit til the bottom side attached. To get the top to attach I had to stick a toothpick under the edge on the bottom, then press down on the top (was the only way I could get he top part lined up to snap in). Not sure if this will help anyone or not.

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    two minutes sweeping the carpet with my fingers provided the answer and then i popped the cone on, and the key back on top.

    easy peasy… and if i can do it…….

  1074. I have a habit of pulling the keyboard keys and they fall out. For the first time, my backspace key came out. I saw it had a plastic rim thing underneath, unlike the shift key (one i usually pull out). I started freaking but read this guide helped and got my backspace back in. I now need to remember not to pull the keys, or i’m going to have to come up with some money.

    Thanks for the guide. Favourited and 5/5.


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    This looks to be very helpful but what about Laptop Mouse buttons? I have a Thinkpad T-61 and the left mouse button has come off. I believe I have all the pieces, can I fix this or do I need to order a replacement

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  1092. I took apart a few keys and couldn’t put them back together.
    You will find that the aluminium clips may be out of place, so I used pliers to put them into position.

  1093. Christian

    If you allow yourself some patience and utilize some sort of small, non-sharp tool, this will work flawlessly. I kept trying and the easiest way to accomplish a key that separated from the retainer is to orient the retainer properly, place the key back on the retainer squarely and press down evenly. My FINALLY snapped in place with no broken tabs and I’m trying this now without any problems. Incidentally, my “N” key was the problem on an HP Pavilion laptop and I couldn’t type without the repair. Good Luck

  1094. Danny Hairy

    Thanks for you the website. The letter ‘I’ had popped off from my keyboard and thanks to your website, I was able to fix it and not pay to get it fixed.

    p.s too bad it was the letter ‘I’ and not ‘Q’ lol!

    thanks again,
    Danny Hairy

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    Just saved me £70 from PC World

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  1100. Christina

    vvvvv I can type the letter v again! Thank you so much! My son dropped a cream cheese frosted roll face down on my laptop and after I cleaned it all up, I thought I had broken the V key when it wouldn’t go back on right. Fixed now!

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    Thanks again!

  1109. Ok… now what do you do if one of the four points are broke? My key and retainer are fine the medal point is broke:( I’m sure I will have to take every key off to replace it. What is it called, and where do you buy one?

  1110. By the way I have an HP dv7-1245dx laptop.I have the broken piece, but it is too small to try to solder it back on.
    Thanks for any feedback!

  1111. justin,

    now what do you do if one of the four points are broke? My key and retainer are fine the medal point is broke:( I’m sure I will have to take every key off to replace it.

    You’ll have to replace the entire keyboard.

  1112. Hi please help me i have a hp laptop and the , < key fell and the retainer is still there but i cant seem to place it back it just doesnt go it keeps on coming off PLEASE!!! HELP

  1113. SinBoy,
    Take a closer look at the retainer and back side of the key. It’s possible that plastic is damaged and that’s why the key will not snap on the retainer.

  1114. thanks for the info, i bought my keys at individualkeys.com, no one else had my Gateway NV56 laptop keys.

  1115. Very helpful, probably saved me a lot of $$$$! Thank you!

  1116. thanks alot, just fixed my 2 keys. my lil kid managed to get em off :P

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  1118. Michael,

    how much do they cost

    What are you asking about? The laptop key? About $5.

  1119. So, I have a trusty Toshiba satellite — the spacebar has come off. What do I do?

  1120. Reveleye

    BRILLIANT! I followed your instructions, pulled off the alt key on the right side of the keyboard, using it as a model, and was able to put the replacement tilde/accent grave key that I purchased at Individualkeys.com back on in less than five minutes. Thank you. (I made a small donation at paypal–I hope you get it.)

  1121. Reveleye,
    I’m glad to help. Thank you for your donation!

  1122. What do you do when the metal clamp on the keyboard breaks off? Nothing from the key itself, but the metal clamp that is on the computer that hooks onto the inside of the key?

  1123. hey thanks for the info. very helpful. that stupid key has been off forever!

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    I look forward to hearing from you.

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    I live in Germany, but would rather buy on ebay than in a store if possible.

    Thank you in advance!

  1133. Kiril,

    Ok, where can one buy when a key is broken? Any advise is welcomed!!!

    I live in Germany, but would rather buy on ebay than in a store if possible.

    Don’t you have eBay in Germany? eBay.de

  1134. Elizabeth Harrington

    I followed your advice about replacing a never-used key with the one that broke, and it worked perfectly! Thank you for saving me money and helping me realize that I can fix these kinds of minor things on my own!

  1135. the key next to the alt. key is like the right click button :)

  1136. YAY! Thank you so much!

  1137. For me, my son plucked out the retainer and the cap – and I could not fit it back with the instructions (my first time and the Thinkpad X60s does not have 4 points to fit the retainer on that got me to think that something is broken).. as a last resort, I took out cap of another key and looking at that I could fix the other one.

    I would not have ventured on this path but for your article. Many thanks!

  1138. Caitlyn

    A key came off my laptop and won’t go back on. The bottom of the retainer goes on but just not the top and i don’t know why. Do i need a new key?

  1139. cj2600


    A key came off my laptop and won’t go back on. The bottom of the retainer goes on but just not the top and i don’t know why. Do i need a new key?

    I cannot tell if you need a new key or not without looking at the key and retainer.
    Please take a closer look at both parts, it’s possible that one of the is broken.

  1140. Brandon

    Thank you so much! I was stupid and pulled off my space bar because i thought it would be easy to pull off, but then it turned out it wasn’t. You saved me a lot of embarrassment

  1141. ragman

    Key retainer broke when the “i” key was popped off by my dog. I couldn’t find a replacement key retainer for Samsung NC10 netbook. Took off the less used “\” key to get at the key retainers. Used these to put the “i” key back on. Worked great. Thanks!

    A word of caution, I broke the key retainer for the “\” key when taking it off. They’re not easy to get off. Fortunately, it broke in a different spot so between the two sets of key retainers I could assembly a complete set.

    Anyone know where I can get new key retainers?

  1142. ragman

    PS. I did try the links to find a new key retainer but netbooks and the Samsung NC10 didn’t seem to have anything available.

  1143. StarrHummel

    Thanks! I fixed it myself! (Thanks to your step by step instructions.) I really appreciate you taking the time to make this available to people like me. I am a mom and a teacher…and not a computer expert. This saved me a repair bill.
    Thanks again!

  1144. cj2600


    If you cannot find the retainer, you can buy the whole keyboard. I found a brand new keyboard for Samsung NC10 listed for less than $20 on ebay.

    You can use key/retainer from the new keyboard, or just replace the keyboard.

  1145. vicky morgan

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  1146. thank you very much, my B is back in business!!!

  1147. I pulled off my C key because I thought something was stuck underneath it, but when I tried to put it back in my key would only snap back halfway in place. Turns out the clips were damaged; they too wide to allow the lower part of the key to snap back in place. I was able to squeeze the clips closer together with my thumb and forefingernails as the plastic is a bit pliable. Now my key snapped back into place and has worked just fine for now!

  1148. Millie

    Thank you so much! I took off one of my keys to clean something under it and when I popped it off the key retainer came with it! It’s all back together now and snapped back into place but I wouldn’t have had a clue what to do if I hadn’t found this page and I would have been in a lot of trouble with the parents! Thanks again!

  1149. Brilliant ! my wonderful two yr old son plucked half a dozen keys off in a few unguarded moments !! Arghh!!! managed to fix all but two which need the rubber/silicone bits. I may be able to salvage these off an old keyboard. Thanks very much !!!

  1150. madnessa

    tnx a lot for the help. i was just about to get a panic attack after removing two of the keys on my keyboard when i opened this page. now they’re working just fine! once gain thank you!

  1151. tez arnold

    Hi, great guide….however my problem is I have removed the key ( in my case the U ( on my inspiron 1300 laptop) because the u was not printing to the screen. The key cap is ok as is the retainer, I also took of the i key to compare. when pressing the silcone cap on the i key directly it prints fine but on the u key when pressing the silcone ap directly there is still no response, I have even slighty removed the bottom half of the silcone cap to try pressing underneath on the contact and still no response. Is there anything further I ccan do or do I need to replace the keyboard?

  1152. This is very helpful, thanks. Just one question: I just got a ex-display Toshiba U400, had it for about 3 days but not really used it for typing on a great deal, just running over apps and checking stuff works really. Anyway, I noticed as I was about to give the keyboard a gently wipe that the left CTRL key was ‘wobbly’ and appears to be connected only at the bottom half. I can’t see any broken tips or anything when I gently ease it up to look.
    I am terrified of just ripping it off – how much pull do you need? Will I break anything?

  1153. Jennifer

    thank you so much! I have a hp laptop that the spacebar came apart. It actually has 2 metal hooks, not quite like your picture. But your guidance was very helpful. I’m always worried about breaking those little plastic parts and then having to replace much more than you would have otherwise. Always good to know you can do it yourself.

  1154. Daniel

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  1159. Elcino

    The letter “N” on my Toshiba Satellite m55 is not working no matter what …can someone help
    Thank you!

  1160. Charlie

    thank you so much, i broke my ‘d’ key off my family laptop and fixed it, it was a toshiba l35 and the retainers were different from this but it was very similar, and now my ‘d’ key is :D lol…
    broke it off by playing the keyboard mash on facebook, i did 580 keys in 20 seconds

  1161. Charlie

    ome more thing, I also have a laptop with the exact same keyboard lol.. its a toshiba m35x -s114

  1162. caitlyn

    My retainer and membrane fell off my laptop while I was trying to clean it, as i was glueing my membrane back on i lost the key cap and the retainer won’t go back on. I don’t know what to do as i am only young and also if i tell my parents they will teell me off and shout at me . Is there anything i can do ? PLEASE HELP AS I HAVE ONLY HAD MY LAPTOP SINCE CHRISTMAS! AND IT WAS EXPENSIVE :(

  1163. Prashant

    yeah man!!…
    this keyboard smash on fb SUCKSS… like big time..
    even misalligned my ‘y’ key..
    somehow fixed..now its totally fine!!

  1164. Ed Nicholson

    Caitlyn, good for you for trying to fix your keyboard but accidents happen and they do come off. I was upset at both my children for breaking their keyboards on their new laptops but here I am trying to work out how to fix them just like you. Your laptop should still be under warranty and you can probably get the keys fixed free of charge. Take care.

  1165. Hi the backspace keycap came off my keyboard attached to the retainer. Is it supposed to have a wire like the spacebar ? Also am I supposed to remove the retainer and then snap the keycap back on?

  1166. hi.
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    my nephew broke one of the key of my compaq laptop.
    your article helped me find out the solution….

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  1170. Carolyn Engledow

    I have a toshiba satellite A135-S2346 model laptop, I hit a key that disabled the spacebar and the symbols on the number keys. How do I enable them. This has happened twice before and I repaired the problem but I forgot how I did it. Do you have the solution for this problem?

  1171. Thank you so much for providing this website.. my cat has a tendency to pull off my guys when i leave my laptop unattended and open (totally my fault though). I’ve had my keyboard replaced before because i was told by the company that it was impossible to fix the keys individually. My cat pulled off two keys afterwards and i was unsure what to do. This was SO helpful. Thank you so much!

  1172. Daniel

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  1173. Cynthia

    2 weeks after I got my laptop, I spilt gingerale on it. The I key came off, (this was a year or so ago), and I’ve been trying to put it back, it was half on, and driving me nuts.

    thank you for the excellent “tutorial”. the last 2 images are exactly like my keys, and I played with it, and I now have a working i key, now, to key 5lbs of cat/dog hair OUT of my keyboard – at least, now I know how to put the keys back! thanks SO much!

  1174. André

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    after 3 days trying to put my “shift” button i found this site
    and i favorited it (for future reference)

  1175. hello, ive got a problem with my laptop keyboard which you probley cant fix.. hope you can help me.. the key is the number 3..as you can see i can press it and the number will show.. problem is.. the silicon membrane was ripped off.. dont ask how all i know is that i dont have it.. i still have the key cap tho.. just need some help..

  1176. Anthony

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    Last week, my “g” key popped off my Dell and the little plastic pieces went flying. After recovering them, I though I could put it back together but to my dismay I found that a little plastic tab was broken off. I came across laptop-keys.com, ordered, and 2 days later got my brand new key. They even had full on videos to help me install my new key and plastic parts. Very helpful.

  1181. ToxicWaste

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  1182. on 4/11/10, i was being acting foolish, and i threw a notebook, and it had landed on my laptop. and the 2 button, got knocked off and i have no clue how to get the key to back to its original state. when i put it back on, it it crooked. i cannot think of any other way of fixing it. can anyone help me?

  1183. Roger J

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  1193. MajorLee Conffused

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    oh… if you haven’t been told 1 million times already by others… that “useless” key you replaced the “U” with… that is the keyboards own little “Right Clicker”
    for those of us who have a vendetta against using a mouse, I use it somewhat often. but it’s still probably the least used key on the keyboard, other than Scroll Lock.

  1194. daniella

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  1195. cj2600

    Roger J,

    I have a gateway LT 1005u series and the button next to the mouse came out of place I switched the mouse settings but I wanted to know how to fix it can you help.

    Most likely this button is a part of the top cover assembly. In order to fix the button you’ll have to replace the entire top cover (palm rest assembly).

  1196. thanks . i’ve a fix a key(my sis laptop). u saved my life

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    Thank you, very much!

  1199. OMG Thanks so much! I thought I busted my work laptop!

  1200. Thank you so very much! My ENTER key came off my Toshiba laptop and with you help it is back in place and functions well. I cheated a little because there was a metal retainer. When I looked at it placing under the metal hooks it only fit one way which placed it “upside down” relative to the retaining clips on the key. The key is in place and working but the retainer is not in the clip. It is a mystery to me. Do you have any suggestions?
    Again, Thanks :)

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  1203. cj2600


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    One tip that might help others:

    If you’re having trouble getting the key retainer to snap onto the board try flipping it over.

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  1223. This was a lifesaver — thank you!

  1224. After several attempts on my own, and no help from HP, I found your repair instruction. I also found information at laptopkey.com helpful on how to separate the hinge (retainer) from the cap. After looking at both that the repair was easy. Thanks so much for putting this information out there. HP wanted to sell me in-home service upgrade, or have me send the laptop back to them. (I’ve only had the laptop for one month). They would provide NO information over the phone! A technical bulletin with this information is what they should have offered.

  1225. claudia

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  1226. Thank you so much! when my enter key fell off of the brand new laptop my dad bought me for university I was terrified!
    This saved my life.
    The enter key did take a while to fix though, for me it was easiest to make sure all of the retainers were in place and then push it in all four corners.
    Thank you thank you thank you!

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  1230. Very many thanks to you. I appreciate your effort of taking closer pictures. It was too easy for me to fix it as I had the retainer intact. Thanks a lot. I am happy that I could fix it before my husband come back home to see it. Thanks once again.

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  1238. Jaclyn

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  1239. Jaclyn

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  1240. MR Hunter

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    I am not getting the key alone from market (tried in net). Please help me.


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  1262. sk8r dan man

    Well, this looks very helpful, but my key has not fully come off. It’s still attatched to the center part of the retainer, and the other part of the retainer is still attatched to the keyboard. I don’t know how hard I can pull on it to get it off, before I have to worry about breaking it. It doesn’t want to come off very easily. Which parts of it are supposed to snap in and out of place?

  1263. sk8r dan man

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    oh it’s back in – thaaank you ;)

  1273. My daughter pulled 4 keys off my laptop. I managed to clip the 5 back in. The letter keys are clipping in, but not sitting right. The tops are leaning forward. When I type, they pop right out again, yet they’re clicking into place.

    Any ideas of what to do? It’s an acer aspire keyboard.

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  1277. Delene,

    My daughter pulled 4 keys off my laptop. I managed to clip the 5 back in. The letter keys are clipping in, but not sitting right. The tops are leaning forward. When I type, they pop right out again, yet they’re clicking into place.

    Any ideas of what to do? It’s an acer aspire keyboard.

    Apparently, the key retainer is broken and because of that the key not sitting right.
    You can search for a replacement key (usually sold with retainer) and replace the whole thing. The spare key and retainer cost around $5.

  1278. Thank you for this! The work laptop i’ve been lent lost a key and I have to take it back soon :)

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  1284. Hi this was very helpful sadly tho the retainer still won’t go on and its not damaged or anything it just wont go on, my cat poped the keys out i need to get the backspace, the del, the scroll, and the ins back on but I can’t im also missing some retainers. If you could be so kind to show me how but instuctiion and pictures that would be great.

  1285. Jocelyn,

    i can fix it but it keeps poping back off what should i do???

    Probably one of the retainers is damaged. Buy a new key WITH retainers and replace them.

  1286. Charlie

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  1290. My L click has broken (one side won’t click)…any ideas?

  1291. rob,

    My L click has broken (one side won’t click)…any ideas?

    Are you talking about left click on the touch pad?

    It depends on the laptop model. Sometimes it’s enough to replace just the touch pad board. Sometimes touch pad buttons located on the motherboard, so the repair process is more complected. Again, it depends what laptop you have. It’s necessary to remove the top cover assemble and take a look underneath.
    If you prefer not to fix the problem, you can use an external USB mouse.

  1292. my keyboard stops working. how will i repair it?

  1293. my up key button is broken and when i put it back on it just gets stuck

  1294. and it makes noise too when i press it

  1295. my enter key just fell off and i dont know how to fix it back and i think that the retainer is broken how do i fix that ????????????

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    i removed my END & PG DN keys & when i put them back, only the top part of them hold on, so when i press on them, they lift up like a flap. did i break something? i looked for videos on how to put them on right but nothing seems to work. PLEASE HELP ME! i have an HP PAVILLION DV4-1275MX.

  1299. gaytanstar,

    i removed my END & PG DN keys & when i put them back, only the top part of them hold on, so when i press on them, they lift up like a flap. did i break something? i looked for videos on how to put them on right but nothing seems to work. PLEASE HELP ME!

    You’ll have to remove the key and take a closer look on the back side of the key and examine retainers. Take a look with a magnifying glass.
    It’s likely that ether one of the retainers or clips on the key are broken.
    If that’s the case, purchase a new key with retainers and replace the whole thing.

  1300. Whoever you are- thank you so much! I have a “u” key now!!!

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    Can you fathom which cap is always falling off, causing my typing
    to continually abort? So far, it has not shown up in my thank-you.
    A hard task to accomplish, but I did it.

    Thanks, again!


    P.S. “E” is our culprit!!!!

  1303. Hey, that is a very nice tutorial. My “i” key has fallen off, but in a different way, you see those 2 small parts are already attached to the button and all I can see is the flat thing on the keyboard. any way to fix it?

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    Thanks – you’re a star! :o)

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  1316. this site is a godsend. I had some mystery liquid spilled due to a 3 yr old and I popped off the keys and the first one was the space bar. It cracked in half. I have to hit it dead center or it won’t work. Then some of the retainers cracked and the O won’t work unless I push it super hard. I am glad to see I can fix the membrane and get replacement retainers. I was looking at a huge relacement just for a keyboard. This just made my day!! thank you times 100!!!

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    Your solution to replace it with another unused key is BRILLIANT mate!!!!

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    Similar to one I read above, my Dog Jumped on to the keyboard, by mistake while jumping on the couch to lay-down. She was so innocent, and didn’t mean to. I got very frusterated, not being able to re-insert the “2” key, a.k.a. the “@” key . .which was quite annoying, seeing as how I seem to use this key quite frequently. . . Isn’t it true that you “don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone”? . . I truly realized how much it is that I “needed” this key, and how often I used it, when I actually didn’t have it there!
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    Anyone can help?

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  1346. I’ve got a slightly different problem. On the laptop keypad itself, the key and connector have nothing to hold onto on the keyad as these have snapped. Any solution please???? It’s the letter L on a lenovo T61.


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    Question: my Inspiron 1525 touch pad left side key is wearing out. (stands sort of half-depressed at all times now, hard to double click) Do you have a guide on how to replace that, by any chance?

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    My “0”(number key)popped off, when I tried to put it back on, it wouldn’t snap back in the bottom hooks. The problem is that the hooks were bent almost straight up. When I tried to bend them back down they broke. Any way to fix this? My laptop is a HP Pavilion dv5000. Also the silicon membrane is ruined from super gluing once to many times. Thanks.

  1368. My cat was trying to crawl into my lap and stepped on the right arrow key of my laptop, his nail went under it and when he stepped off it popped off! I was so panicked until I found this website, and now all my keys are just as they were before (:

    Thanks for this tutorial and the helpful pictures!

  1369. Thank you for such wonderful pictorial explanation. Helped me a lot!

  1370. Bill New,

    My “0″(number key)popped off, when I tried to put it back on, it wouldn’t snap back in the bottom hooks. The problem is that the hooks were bent almost straight up. When I tried to bend them back down they broke. Any way to fix this? My laptop is a HP Pavilion dv5000.

    Nope, sounds like you have to replace the whole keyboard now.
    You can pick up a brand new keyboard for HP Pavilion dv5000 on ebay for about $15-20.
    And keyboard replacement instructions here, starting on the page 5-20.

  1371. I am having compaq laptop and my down arrow key runs up and down continues. so how can i solve my problem

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  1373. Hello,
    well two of my buttons fell off my compaq laptop because my lil daughter pulled them off. While i was trying to fix them the lil rubbery thing came off. How do those go back on. Is it a special glue?

  1374. If i cannot put them back. Do you know of a website were i can buy a new keypad.
    its a compaq presario v4000.
    ima try to put the buttons back after i figure out how to put the rubbery thing back on

  1375. Annel,

    If i cannot put them back. Do you know of a website were i can buy a new keypad.
    its a compaq presario v4000.

    You can buy entire keyboard for Compaq Presario v4000 on ebay.
    You’ll find instructions for keyboard replacement in the service manual on pages 5-27 through 5-32.
    Here’s the manual for Comapq Presario v4000 notebook.

  1376. Strangely enough my cat the exact same thing and the ‘n’ key came off right under his claw, I found this website straight away and clipped it back on! Thanks for the help!!

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  1384. What happens if someone accidentally ripped the membrane piece off of the keyboard? Also what happens if the key r lost and so r the little white lives that go with it?

  1385. Sweet! super easy once you know how ;) thanks!!!


    HELP!!!MY “W” key fell off and all the pieces are fine and in place and not broken i have checked them all but when i put the “W” key in i hear it snap back and place but as soon as i take my finger off it pops right back off!! help me!!!

  1387. MY “W” key fell off and all the pieces are fine and in place and not broken i have checked them all but when i put the “W” key in i hear it snap back and place but as soon as i take my finger off it pops right back off!! help me!!!

    Take a closer look at the bottom side of the key and retainers. Something must be broken. I cannot tell what is wrong without looking at the key.

  1388. Nicole,

    What happens if someone accidentally ripped the membrane piece off of the keyboard? Also what happens if the key r lost and so r the little white lives that go with it?

    You can remove the membrane from a key you don’t use. I explained it in the guide. Or replace the whole keyboard.

  1389. Cecilia D'Elia

    THANK YOU!!! Your explanation helped me replace the “;” key on a borrowed laptop! what a life saver!

  1390. I am so glad that I found your instructions. I had spilled eggnog on my Inspiron 6000 laptop, and after cleaning everything off carefully, I noted that some keys were loose. I snapped most of them back on, but the ‘N” key was not cooperating.

    Underneath the “N” key were the tiny white bracket, which I was trying to hook the bracket back onto the hooks on empty pad where the N should go, by holding the “N” key with a pair of pliers. It was clumsy! The membrane had to be glued back on of course. I realized I was scratching up the “N” key with the pliers, and that I had to find out how it could be properly done.

    I found your instructions, thank God, and your pictures are so clear in how to put the bracket back. I carefully detach the white bracket from under the N key, which was a serious job because I did not want the tiny bracket to crack, and carefully hooked it back to the pad. I then snapped the N key on top the secured bracket, and it snapped in like a charm! Thank you!

  1391. I got a brand new $500 laptop for Chritsmas and the down arrow button was making a weird noise and ended up coming off. I don’t wqanna tell my becuase he will freak out on me. But I need major help!!! One piece of the retainer is broke in half but I feel like it could still work. Help please!

  1392. Cailyn,

    I got a brand new $500 laptop for Chritsmas and the down arrow button was making a weird noise and ended up coming off. I don’t wqanna tell my becuase he will freak out on me. But I need major help!!! One piece of the retainer is broke in half but I feel like it could still work.

    I guess you’ll have to buy a new key which is usually sold with retainers. It cost about $5 for a new key.
    After you receive the key, install retainers first and after that clip the key back in place.


  1394. my three felled of and my mom got so mad …..and it won’t work as the first example and i dont wanna take of another button ….what should i do and it is a labtop

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