A key fell off the keyboard. Fixing the problem.

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One or more keys fell off the laptop keyboard and you are not sure how to put them back? Don’t worry, most likely you can fix the keyboard and it’s not necessary to buy a new one. There is no universal repair guide because all keyboards are different. Here’s what I usually do in this case.

Situation 1. The key cap and key retainer fell off the keyboard and you cannot figure out how to assemble them back.

Laptop key fell off

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Carefully remove the cap from any other working key so the key retainer stays connected to the keyboard.

Remove key cap

Take a closer look at the key retainer, it’s connected to the keyboard at four different points.

Assemble the key

Assemble the disconnected retainer the same way as one on the keyboard and put it back in place.

Install the key

Put the key cap on the retainer and snap the cap back in place.

Snap key cap

Situation 2. The key fell off the keyboard and you lost the cap or the retainer. In this case you can purchase a single key on the internet, just search for it. (Search examples: “Dell keyboard key”, “Toshiba keyboard key”, “HP keyboard key”, etc… )
After you found a new key, put it back in place the same way as I described in the situation 1.

Installing the space bar key.

The space bar key is connected to the keyboard a little bit differently then any other key.

Space bar key fell off

There is a metal retainer connected to the space bar key (on some keyboard models). Separate the retainer from the space bar key with a flat head screwdriver.

Remove metal retainer

Install the retainer back in place as it shown on the picture. You have to engage the retainer with the small hooks on the keyboard.

Connect retainer to keyboard

Put the space bar key back in place and gently press on it with fingers until it snaps back in place.

Connect space bar

That’s it. The space bar key is installed back in place and should work as before.

Here’s another technique you can use to fix a broken keyboard key.

As you see on the picture below the keyboard is missing the U key. The key cap, retainer and even silicone membrane were lost. Let’s see if it’s possible to temporarily fix the U key without buying any spare parts.

Personally, I cannot use keyboard without U key but I can live without a key located on the side from the right ALT – the “Right clicker” key. In the following guide I will remove one key I never use and install it in the place of missing U.

Keyboard missing one key

Carefully remove the key cap with your fingers.

Remove key cap

Remove the retainer. The retainer has two pieces connected to each other. If one piece got disconnected from the other, connect them back together.

Remove key retainer

The silicon membrane is glued to the keyboard. Very very slowly separate the membrane from the keyboard with a sharp knife. While creating this disassembly guide I damaged one membrane because I wasn’t careful enough.
Again, you have to be very careful removing the membrane.
If you damage the membrane you’ll end up with two broken keys instead of just one.

Key membrane

The silicon membrane has been removed.

Key membrane removed

Now apply some superglue on the bottom edge of the membrane, just enough to keep the membrane in the place.

Apply super glue

Carefully place the membrane in the center of the U. Make sure the membrane is positioned correctly. Wait until the glue cures.

Install key membrane

Install the retainer.

Install key retainer

Position the key cap above the retainer. Gently press on the key cap until it clips in and connects to the retainer.

Position key cap

Now you can use the U key again.

Keyboard is fixed

Troubleshooting. Why the key will not clip on.


Turn the key upside down and take a closer look at the locking clips. It’s possible that one of the clips is damaged and because of that the key will not clip on the retainer. If that’s the case, you’ll have to purchase a new key.

On the next picture you can see that one of the clips is missing, it’s broken. This key will not stay connected to the retainer either. If that’s the case, you’ll have to purchase a new key.

It’s possible that the key is fine, but the retainer itself is broken. On the next picture you can see that one of the tips is missing on the retainer. The left tip is OK, but the right one is missing. If that’s the case, you’ll have to purchase a new retainer.

Here’s one more picture. In this case two parts of the retainer will not stay connected to each other. It happens because one of the tips is broken. The left tip is OK, but the right one is missing. If that’s the case, you’ll have to purchase a new retainer.

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  1. thanks for telling me to take another key off now i cant get two keys back on :)

  2. augusta

    thanks a lot. i used your technique and fixed my space bar key of my old laptop of compaq brand.

  3. Sachin gupta

    Nice tips

  4. I think I have two of the best questions on this website, whatever prompted the idiot engineers at Logitech to design a stupid system like this? And why do we continue to purchase crap like this?
    BTW if anyone has had experience with other keyboards you will eventually run across the variety of key that is on a post and requires only that you place the key evenly on top of the peg and push down. Wow what a concept! Sheesh! some times I think we deserve this stuff just because we put up with it. Thank you for this good site, and Good luck to all! Steve

  5. This is really a helpful page.
    Besides what’re hinted, maybe a final(or temporary) way: Use on screen keyboard? LOL~~
    Especially wondering if exists any software of “on screen keyboard” so better/flexible enough for portable devices(the screen’s so small:)?
    For example: The “CTRL” key can put atop_row for easier fetch. Or, even some keys can be user friendly:
    Relocatable & let users define their functions~ Then *net_surf_new_tab or #copy/paste surely very very easy!:)

    Usually, CTRL-key..
    *needed to be pressed while clicking an URL.
    #together with C/V key pressed.

  6. @ Mary,

    Well, it’s a very uncommon solution. :)

  7. all I did to keep the key on was chew some gum and used it to keep it there..don’t use too much or you’ll have to remove some of it

  8. @ Mancerra cano,
    It sounds like your laptop keyboard failed. It’s necessary to replace the keyboard in order to fix the problem. What is your laptop model? Maybe I can find a disassembly guide for you.

  9. Moncerra cano

    I need helppp please
    My backspace button is out of control
    Every time I type something on my laptop it keeps erasing by itself I don’t know why but all I know is that if I don’t fix it in time I’m going to get a bad grade on my school assessment.
    Please help me!

  10. this did not work for me it really didn’t work for me.

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