Laptop turns on for a moment and shuts down

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Today I was able to fix a “dead” notebook simply by reseating connectors. The customer brought in Compaq nx5000 notebook with the following complaint:

“Laptop shuts down on power up. When the power button is pushed, the laptop flashes green lights for several seconds and then powers down. Unit will not stay on with battery or when plugged in”.

I plugged the AC adapter and tried to turn on the laptop. After I pushed on the power button, fans started spinning and were active for a few seconds and laptop just turned itself off. The video never came on. I tried to power it on for a few times with the same result.
Here is how I fixed it.
First of all I tried simple stuff: remove the battery and start the laptop with AC adapter plugged in, reseat and swap the memory module, remove the hard drive, the DVD drive, the wireless card. Nothing helped to start the laptop normally. After that I went a little bit further. I opened up the laptop case, removed the LCD screen assembly and reseated the video card and… Surprise, surprise, the laptop started fine with an external monitor attached. Just in case I restarted it 3-4 times and each time I got video on the screen. After I assembled everything back, one more surprise was waiting for me. The laptop failed to boot again with the same symptoms. So, the only part that I added before it failed was the LCD screen assembly. I unplugged the video cable from the system board and the laptop started fine again with the external monitor. Now I know that the problem is somewhere inside the display assembly (of course, if the video connector on the system board is fine). The next logical step would be opening up the LCD display assembly and check if all connectors are seated properly. Bingo!!! I wasn’t very surprised, but I was very happy. The video cable was half-way out from the connector on the back of the LCD screen. The laptop started perfectly fine as soon as I plugged the video cable back in place. Fixed!
That was my first experience when improperly plugged video cable prevented entire system from booting.

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  1. Adam Gordon

    Exact same problem. My fix was to reseat the cmos battery. Worked like a charm. Thanks for the ideas.

  2. Mohammed Tabish

    i had the same problem when i reinstalled my cpu again. as it was not properly installed so i was facing that problem and when i reinstalled it properly it booted up as it was use to…

    hope this will help you guys

  3. Josh Olu

    Hi, I have a Toshiba N200, it won`t power up. it always stops with the hard drive working but nothing on the screen. Could you help please?

  4. right cj got the heatsink on the graphics chip
    tried to boot up same thing cut out 2 minutes in
    left it for the day tried a hirens boot cd in it
    surprise surprise it boots up i go to one of
    the boot utilities think it was Smart Boot or something
    it prompts me right away Virus? in bootsector asks me if
    i want to overwrite Y/N of course said yes took the hard
    drive out wiped it and reinstalled Windows installed speed fan
    to monitor temp on graphics chip seems ok 47c idle hard drive 30c
    idle seems a bit hot under power jack is this normal for an advent and im not getting sound just a vibrating buzz this may have been my fault when trying to remove the keyboard still not
    got that b*****d out must be superglued removed all the screws i could see still wouldnt come out anybody got a clue how to get
    this out anyway least its going

  5. @ graeme,

    tried to install puppy linux that cut out while loading
    drivers what surprises me is when it cuts out the cpu
    fan keeps spinning yet no life in optical drive i have
    to take battery out to stop fan faulty cpu?

    Maybe faulty motherboard? CPU failures are not very common.

  6. ive already tried the thermal tape from ebay
    still same problem cuts out after about a minute
    although this time it gave off 2 or three sharp beeps
    tried to install puppy linux that cut out while loading
    drivers what surprises me is when it cuts out the cpu
    fan keeps spinning yet no life in optical drive i have
    to take battery out to stop fan faulty cpu?

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